National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in residence

Residence Life - 28 September 2021

The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is a day of remembrance and an opportunity for Canadians to acknowledge the intergenerational harm caused by residential schools.

Residence Services invites all students to wear their orange shirts on September 29 and 30 to honour the memory of the victims and legacy of survivors. There are many ways to learn more learn more and get involved in your residence community.

Residence vigil

Two simultaneous candlelight vigils will be held on the patios at Nîpisîy House and Lister Residence this year, organized by your Indigenous Cohort Leader Juanita Cordova.

Candlelight vigil
Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 7:30 pm
Nîpisîy House and Lister Centre patios

You can bring your own battery-powered lights if you have one. If not, you may make a tea light reservation.

From your community

Members of the residence community shared how they plan to observe National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day in residence this year.

"I plan to wear orange in support of Every Child Matters and to hopefully go see a dance show called New Blood which helps to tell the story of the hardships First Nations individuals have endured."


"I will wear orange, post on social media about how to decolonize your language, how to help the cause and recognize that allyship is not a seasonal role, and participate in (virtual) events backed by indigenous people that can broaden my understanding of my role."


"I plan on taking the day to reflect and research what I can do to amplify the voices of the diverse and beautiful Indigenous Peoples that we have in Canada, as well as honouring those whose lives were taken much too soon in Residential Schools."


"I plan on taking the day to remember those who were lost. I want to find out what steps those within the FNMI community are doing so that I may offer my support in keeping the memories of the ones we lost not long ago alive. I am going to look into the cultural supports for FNMI students on campus because my biggest regret was not being able to speak Cree with my grandma before her passing."

"I plan to mark September 30 the same way I have for the past few years. I will wear my orange shirt (and orange med backpack now), talk with anyone who wants to discuss Indigenous issues, reflect on how I could help implement recommendations from the TRC, and pray for peace and healing in all communities."

"I plan a lot of events through my student groups and I have committed to writing a personalized treaty statement that ties into each event. These statements highlight how Indigenous presence has formed the events we plan, as well the impact of our events on Indigenous populations.

I am also going to the virtual service provided by the Government of Canada!"


"For the past year I have focused on educating myself. I completed the Indigenous Canada course and took Countering Stereotypes of Indigenous Peoples course at the U of A. I am now trying to translate my knowledge into practice by consistently checking my bias and ensure I don’t jump to conclusions about anyone I meet. I also recently started medical school and I am committing to being the change in our system by consistently checking my bias, calling out racist acts and comments, and continuing to educate myself on past and present issues."




The University of Alberta is hosting many more opportunities to learn more about Indigenous Canada and honour the victims of the residential school system. There are also many events happening in Edmonton this year.

Visit the Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity webpage