Racial justice and allyship resources

young-people-hugging-together.jpgResidence stands in solidarity with our Black students, staff and community members.

Residence is and always will be a place that celebrates diversity. We acknowledge the devastating experiences of our community members impacted by systemic racism, violence and injustice. We recognize that there is still a way to go in fighting against microaggressions and racism in our community. As a community we need to identify and transform the role we all play in perpetuating systems of oppression that shape our community.

Resources for our campus community

Supporting each other, demanding change and understanding and sharing knowledge about racial injustice are just some of the ways we can fight back against oppression.

Mental health

Racial trauma can be detrimental to a person's wellbeing. Here are some links to supports and resources that may be able to help.

Just a head's up! You may be asked to enter your name and email to access some of this content.

Allyship is a verb

For those interested in learning about allyship, here are some places to start.

Educational resources

For those who need a few more resources to better understand racial inequality or just want to share some information with friends and family, this list is for you.