2019/20 Residence Community Awards winners!

The annual Residence Community Award ceremony got shared on March 31, and it did not disappoint! Congratulations to Dini and Andre for their phenomenal job hosting the ceremony.

We to thank everyone who nominated their peers and thank all the nominees for all of their hard work and dedication. We also want to extend a thanks to all the staff who helped put this awards show together. None of this would have happened without everyone coming together and providing help and support.

Let's start with who won

From Service to Residence Award to the Most Outstanding Community Award, here's a list of all the winners for 2019/20:

  • Service to Residence Award: Md Shaheen
  • Golden Light Bulb Award: Francois Monchi
  • Academic Leadership Award: Lukas Menze
  • Leadership in Residence Programming Award: Julia Harper
  • Distinguished Executive Community Member Award: Julia Harper
  • Community Service and Volunteerism Award: Aydin Yasa
  • Inclusion and Diversity Award: Kaylee Kim
  • REAL Fund Outstanding Program Award: Eunah Cha, Warren Tsang and Varun Aggarwal for their Intercultural Holiday Celebration
  • The Unsung Hero Award: Muhammad Safder
  • Service Learning Award: Dhir Bhupendra Bid
  • Marc Howery Memorial Award: Shannon Lohner
  • Most Outstanding Community Award: Aspen and Maple House
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Here’s what else you missed!

  • Fantastic speech by Silvia Wong, a previous RA, SRA and UAlberta alumni
  • Dini dressing up as Sebastion from The Little Mermaid
  • A special guest appearance from a Sebastion Jr (a furry four legged friend)
  • And a rare appearance of a Disney Princess. I’ll give you a hint. She thinks a “dinglehopper” (fork) is a hair brush

And finally... the door prize winners!

  • Waterpark/Galaxyland passes: Matthew Blair
  • Star Projector (yes, the viral one you see on tik tok): Calista Laycraft
  • Echo Show: Mel Tan
  • Board Games: Cyrus Tung
  • Sprocket: Tami Oguntona

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