Staying in residence this winter?

Amitoj Kaur - 17 December 2021

From floor potlucks to local shows and more, there's still plenty to do in Edmonton! Here's everything you need to know.

Support is still there

Need a check in? Want to talk about that “grade has been uploaded” email to someone?

Holidays are a time to take a break but it can also be hard to relax with the final grades creeping in. Residence Services is committed to ensure optimum support throughout the year for our students. Resident Assistants (RAs) will be working Community Support Shifts (CSS) and be available to you as per usual. There will be a smaller team working and CSS times will vary. This will be communicated by your RAs so you'll know who to contact just before the holidays. The RA on-shift contact information will remain the same.

Explore a café close to residence

It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy: A cup of latte or good old hot chocolate at the local café where your barista knows you and your order will always do it. I highly recommend Eleanor and Laurent (10926 88 Ave) for the perfect holiday vibe.

To be honest, if you have access to the Peter Lougheed Hall dining hall services, that coffee machine is no less than a good barista (a mocha from that machine is my personal favourite). And hey! You know the coffee has to be good for a lactose intolerant person to admire it.

Do a potluck with people who are also around

For a lot of people, the holiday season means preparing food and enjoying it together with people we love. Staying in residence doesn't mean that you cannot cultivate that feeling at all. Host a potluck with your floormates who are also staying around. If you need help coordinating this activity safely, ask one of your RAs.

Tip: if you are not confident of your world-class cooking skills, order food from a place that serves food of your culture or order classic university food, also known as Doms (Domino’s Pizza). Use code UNI or LPA for a discount!

Love a good Christmas theme show?

We got you covered. There are a lot of great (and fun!) events, carols, and holiday concerts happening in Edmonton this year. This is a great resource to keep an eye on all the interesting events or things to do in Edmonton.

Having no assignments to do and no exams after four months of working constantly make some people feel weird. Key? Find things to do! Living in residence has the added benefit of easy access to transit stations so that’s all covered.

Meal plan and dining

Food is important so don’t worry about dining during the holidays! The dining halls will be open and operational as usual the whole time. That said, they do have some reduced hours over the holidays so keep an eye on that so that you don't miss your lunch!

As usual, as Resident Assistants and Residence Services, we are committed to ensure your well-being. Reach out to via email for any concerns and questions.