The fun doesn't stop after Lister

Mikyla Tak - 12 March 2021

This year has been challenging for everyone, no doubt. However, our residents have risen above and beyond expectations to help us build community during this pandemic that has caused us to stay apart.

Through programming offered from the RAs in East Campus, we were able to build long lasting friendships and meet new people from all over. The great thing about programs in East Campus is that the programs are often open to all residents of upper year residences, meaning you can meet someone from a different building!

Virtual activity nights

DIY activities, group activities and wellness—there is a program for everyone! These virtual activities have brought together our community by being able to share our creativity, build connections and explore new interests. The RAs are always looking for new suggestions for programs, so shoot them an email if you've got an idea. Here are some of the activities we have run so far:

  • Virtual paint nights: This semester, Isabella (the RA from Maple House) dropped off all the paint supplies and paint by number canvases to residents' doors and they met up on Zoom to spend the night together painting!
  • Virtual plant nights
  • Virtual game nights via, online Cards Against Humanities and more!
  • Virtual cooking classes run by Campus Food Bank
  • Fitness classes run by our wellness team and Campus & Community Recreation: Check out this beginner's yoga class!
  • BINGO night over Zoom: There are always great previous prizes like Oilers and concert tickets, polaroid Instax cameras, Skip the Dishes gift cards, waffle makers, air fryers and more! (Make sure you check your email for Bingo invitations from your SRAs!)
  • Watch a movie from your balcony in Newton: In the warmer months, Residence Life invites residents to bring a blanket to Newton backyard or watch from your window if you are a Newton resident.
  • In February, East Campus RAs invited you to join our talent show program—results coming soon!


Cohort activities

There are a ton of non-academic and academic cohort groups offered to residents at U of A! These cohorts join people together with common interests or faculties. The cohort leaders help support students through their first year in the faculty, explore different opportunities within their degrees and build lifelong relationships.

To learn more about academic cohorts, email Thelma at with any questions.

2020-21 academic cohorts include Science, Nursing, Engineering, Kinesiology, Arts, ALES and Education!

  • Xean, the Science Cohort Leader, has brought in special speakers to talk to the group to talk about research, internships and have played science themed jeopardy games.
  • The Kinesiology Cohort has run virtual programs like fitness classes and yoga!
  • Both the Nursing and the Engineering cohorts hosted programs where they explored all the different avenues their degrees could take them.

All of the Cohort Leaders have worked hard to create community within their cohort but they have also hosted many cross-cohort programs where the residents were able to come together to play large scale virtual game nights together over google meets and watch movies too!

Non-academic cohorts offered this year are 2SLGBTQ+, International, Social Justice & Leadership, FNMI and French language.


  • Kasey, the Global Education Cohort Leader, has run some awesome programs this semester like a gratitude board, a postcard pen pal exchange, bucket list presentation where students were able to share their travel goals. Residents who are a part of this cohort have gotten the chance to win awesome travel related prizes like scratchable maps!
  • Reagan, the 2SLGBTQ+ Cohort Leader, has facilitated some super creative programs this year like a virtual pride week, and a spotify secret Santa where students were challenges to create playlist based off a short description of the other persons taste in music and residents were encouraged to include queer artists.


There are many different clubs and opportunities through Expedition:Connect for residents to meet up and share common interests. These clubs meet over discord and are the perfect safe way to meet new people. Here are the current clubs available to you!