Urban myths of HUB

Parul Kanwar - 09 April 2021

What have you heard about HUB Mall? Get your urban legends checked.

Myth: Everything always smells like food


While walking around on the main level, you can definitely smell the delicious food they are preparing—however, these smells rarely make it all the way up to your unit. Also, you get some really big windows that look directly down into the mall that you can close or open depending on how you’re feeling!

Myth: HUB apartments only look inside the mall


Every unit has a beautiful view outside either to the rivery valley or campus. In three years, I've had views of the Education building's mural, the Old Art Building and now the river valley. The windows are really big and bring in the sun and they even slide open.

Many apartments offer not only one of these lovely outdoor vistas but also an interior view of the mall.

Myth: HUB is connected to 7 different buildings via pedway


HUB is well connected, especially to the majority of Arts buildings just a pedway away. Faculty of Arts or Business students living in HUB have won the lottery!

HUB is connected to Tory Marshal Building, Alberta School of Business, Fine Arts Building, Faculty of Law, Rutherford Library and Humanities Centre and the LRT station! Fine Arts students have an extra bonus as HUB houses many arts studios on the ground level as well.

Myth: You'll never have to go outside

... A little bit of both.

HUB is very much in the middle of many things for Arts, Business or Law students. However, you might have to leave the building if you have any courses outside these faculties... and sometimes even within them. (I once had an English course in ETLC!)

Depending on how much you like the cold, you can walk or take the LRT to ECHA since Health Sciences station is right next to it or even take buses if you know where you’re going. As for all things exercise, when it is too cold to go out for your jog or run, HUB houses two different gym areas in the Vault: One for cardio and one for weights, both maintained by the HUB Community Association.

Myth: HUB doesn't take security seriously


Being the “HUB” of the university (pun intended), it is a large space with very high traffic flow during the day. As it is not only a residence but a four-city-block mall of businesses that are connected to many buildings on campus, it is fairly open to the public during the day (in normal circumstances).

However, HUB is inaccessible to the public during evenings with all doors only accessible by your ONEcard or stairwell-specific keys. During the pandemic, HUB is closed to the public 24/7, even from the LRT station. There are also cameras, auto-locking unit doors and frequent patrols by UAlberta Protective Services.

And if anything ever does come up, help is always nearby—your Resident Assistant or UAPS are just a phone call away.