We love upper year residence

Natasha Chan - 12 March 2021

Here are our top 3 reasons why we love living in residence! Choose the perfect residence community that fits your needs and interests.

Natasha, RA Nîpisîy House

  1. My unit has 6 bedrooms and two floors, giving my roommates and I plenty of space to hang out and decorate!
  2. The main floor of Nîpisîy has lots of study rooms with floor to ceiling whiteboards, which is perfect for studying and completing group work. I love utilizing this space especially in the winter, when it is -30 degrees outside and way too cold to walk to campus libraries!
  3. Nîpisîy has its own gym with free weights, cardio machines and other great equipment! Again, this is perfect for those winter days when it is too cold to walk all the way to VVC.

Ejofon, RA Pinecrest & Tamarack House

  1. We are the only residence that offers double beds!
  2. The view outside our unit is amazing, especially after a night of snowfall.
  3. We have lots of storage space in our units, perfect for out of province students who may have lots of moving boxes and luggage!

Mikyla, RA Aspen & Maple House

  1. The cobblestone walkway right outside our front steps is beautiful all year round, and gives us the perfect opportunity to take cute photos!
  2. The location is close to local coffee shops like Remedy and Transcend, as well as steps away from the bus loop and LRT station! This is perfect for students who may have clinicals, practicums and co-op placements that require them to commute outside of campus.
  3. Our spacious living room gives my roommates and me plenty of space to set up our projector for movie marathons!

Parul, SRA East Campus & HUB resident

  1. HUB Mall is super convenient because it is connected to Rutherford Library, Tory Building, Humanities Centre and the LRT so I rarely have to go outside to get to my classes!
  2. Depending on which side of HUB mall you live in, you might be able to get an amazing view of the river valley.
  3. Our 4 bedroom units have high ceilings, making our home feel super spacious!

Courtney, RA International House

  1. You have the chance to meet so many amazing people from all over the world! The I-house community is sincerely amazing!
  2. There are so many programs and opportunities to learn new things, have fun, and discover other cultures!
  3. You have access to great resources and always feel supported by those around you.