What is a Community Resolution?

Amitoj Kaur - 15 October 2021

Living in a university residence, especially at the University of Alberta, is one of the best elements of university life. Meeting new people, community support and fast access to resources.

Living in a community also comes with a need for a lot of mutual understanding and respect, which is facilitated by the community expectations. These house rules are in place to promote a positive living experience for everyone.

Let's be honest: We all make mistakes. Remember that one time you got excited about Zayn dropping a new album and it woke up half the floor? After something like that, usually you'd have a conversation with your Residence Assistant (RA) about the impact on your neighbours and agree to keep the volume down moving forward. That conversation is a Community Resolution (CR).

How does a Community Resolution work?

A Community Resolution in the world of residence is what happens when there's a situation that is impacting the community and it can be resolved restoratively in the moment. If an RA is able to reach an agreement with the responsible parties about what the impact of the behaviour is and how they plan to repair it, the agreement is called a Community Resolution. The agreement is emailed to everyone involved so they have a record of the agreement.

What's an Incident Report?

If the situation isn’t resolved in the moment (which usually happens because restorative practices like a CR aren’t possible right then) the situation is documented in an Incident Report (IR). Residence staff will follow up after an incident report to meet with students and hopefully still come to a restorative outcome.

he most important thing to note is that documentation of all events and incidents in the community helps Residence Services to see patterns (if they exist). Let’s consider a case where someone keeps repeating the same behaviour and has a similar CR conversation five times in a month. In these circumstances, the Senior Resident Assistant or professional residence staff will step in to see why they aren’t sticking to their agreements.

If you've had a CR conversation recently, work with the Resident Assistants and other residents through the whole process. Remember that the purpose isn't to punish or belittle you but to work together to make a plan to repair impact on the community and prevent it from occurring again.

Want to learn more about the expectations and processes in residence? Check out the Community Expectations section under Current Residents to read more about the policy documents and processes to follow up.