What to expect during orientation

Ceri Bain - 18 August 2021

Moving into residence can be intimidating, but don’t worryorientation has you covered! Both BaseCamp and Eastern Ascent attendees will have a packed five full days to meet their new communities and get settled into their new homes before classes begin.

When I first moved to Lister in 2018 I experienced a mix of emotions: Everything from extreme nerves to extreme excitement. Orientation was the necessary introduction I needed to adjust to life in residence. It allowed me to make friends, build academic/social support systems and most importantly, feel welcomed into my new life at the U of A. So what’s orientation going to look like as we transition back into in person interactions? Here’s a glimpse at my five favourite parts of orientation this year!

1. Meet new people

I can clearly remember moving into residence for the first time. I was nervous, knew no one in my community and had no idea how to start making friends. Once BaseCamp began, those nerves quickly started to turn into excitement.

One of the main goals of both BaseCamp and Eastern Ascent is to set students up with social support. The first evening of orientation you will have the opportunity to meet your student leaders and other residents. Throughout the week you will have the chance to strengthen these new relationships, through games, art projects, tours of your new home, attending educational sessions together and more!

2. Get academic support

For first year students, the transition from high school to university can be daunting. For second year students, the transition from online classes to in person classes can be daunting. This is where orientation comes into play! You will have the opportunity to take part in Choose Your Own Adventure sessions where you can explore a topic that interests you most. Check out the full schedule at the end of this post.

3. Participate in a mix of in person and online activities

Last year we witnessed the pros and cons of learning and living online. This year you will get the best of both worlds: Orientation will be mostly in person but with some virtual activities. For the virtual events you will have the choice between watching from the comfort of your own space or joining the rest of your community or floor to stream it!

With that being said, most of the events will be in person so that you can meet the greater residence community before classes even begin! I know I missed in-person interactions last year, so I’m thrilled that 2021 can focus on face-to-face events.

4. Bring back some classic events

Of course, we had to keep some all time favourite events.

You may have heard your older siblings or friends rave about Find What Moves You. This event is run by Campus & Community Recreation (CCR) and is a chance to explore some of the amazing sporting facilities on campus. Or maybe you've heard about Mike Domitrz’s keynote Can I Kiss You?. This interactive presentation about consent will be streamed virtually to ensure that everyone can participate!

5. A new interactive way to explore campus

Is this your first time attending classes on campus? Or maybe you have gone to in person classes before but can’t remember how to navigate our 150 buildings. For orientation this year we’ve partnered with Story City to create for you an interactive tour of our favourite locations on campus.

See you all in Residence August 23—let the fun BEGIN!!


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