What's it like to live in HUB Mall?

HUB residenceReflecting on the HUB community 2019/20

Times have been surreal. The winter semester has ended abruptly—and we’ve had to leave our goodbyes unsaid with many residents leaving early to go back home.

Our remarkable HUB community

Though many of us have travelled back home, each and every one of us belongs to the HUB community. Like individual pieces of a puzzle, every one of us has contributed something meaningful to this community! This year may have been full of ups and downs—but in spite of everything, we came together to create something remarkable.

Thank you for being such a special part of our community

The number one goal of our residence student staff is to connect people—to see residents thrive, lift each other up and challenge yourselves! Without all of you, HUB would be nothing more than a funky little mall with some cool lights. Each resident gives it the character, vibrancy and meaning that truly makes it a special place to live.

If you’ve ever come out to a program, opened the door for your RA, asked a neighbour how they’re doing, waved across the mall at someone else with their windows open or struck up a game of pool in the Vault—thank you!

Our community is connected—and not just with all the campus buildings!

It can be hard to ignore how empty everything feels walking through HUB now— whether you’re collecting laundry, walking the halls or getting some fresh air. It’s easy to let it make you feel bittersweet, but really this emptiness is a symbol of solidarity.

It speaks of a community that has come together to protect each other—staying home to help those who can’t. We might not share a physical space anymore, but we have never been so close!

Let’s keep reminding ourselves what a community can accomplish

Community extends beyond crisis, so let’s take a few moments to reflect upon everything else that this past academic year has brought us—even as we navigate the pandemic and the new challenges it brings.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and for being a part of what makes HUB such a special place. This video is for you!