Wholesome accounts you should be following right now

In times of crisis, it can be hard to stay informed and keep your mind healthy and relaxed. The news, social media, magazines, even your friends and favourite stores are all talking about one thing: COVID-19. And it’s normal for the flood of facts and stats to become a little overwhelming. Which is why, more than ever, you need to take time for you. Here are some wholesome Instagram accounts you can follow when you need to take a break from it all and enjoy something heartwarming and light.

1. @Apartmenttherapy

Look at beautiful apartment spaces to influence your future dream home (or residence unit for next semester!)

2. @HappyTV

It’s literally in the name. This instagram channel features all types of content that is sure to put a smile on your face ☺

3. @natgeo

Get your travel and nature fix by following the National Geographic’s instagram account. It can get a little weird, but don't worry, it's worth it.

4. @AnimalsDoingThings

This channel just features animals doing things. Cats who play tic-tac-toe. Dogs riding turtles. Following this account is the ideal course of action 💯

5. @Iplanteven

An instagram account dedicated to some much needed plant therapy.

6. @officialpocketranger

Starting to feel a little cooped up? Enjoy all the beautiful views the world has to offer through this account!

7. @dadjokes._

Just an account to ensure you are getting your regular dad joke related content and laughs.

8. @ualbertaresidence

Although this account may sometimes talk about COVID-19 to keep residents healthy, it also includes a great assortment of animal pictures, mental health help and more!

Take care of yourself!

Remember to take care of yourself and reach out for help when you need it. Here's some resources to help: