Consequences to continued violations of COVID-19 expectations

26 March 2021

Although some provincial safety measures have loosened, the pandemic continues with a potential third wave predicted. Residence Services takes safety very seriously.

Mask wearing and physical distancing are still strictly mandated and gathering on campus is prohibited. The Expectations of Residents are still in place and must be followed.

Residents who do not follow the COVID-19 expectations are breaching their Residence Agreement and will face consequences.

Consequences to continued violations of COVID-19 expectations

  1. Letter of behaviour expectations
    Letter outlining expected behaviour with consequences for further violations.
  2. Residence probation
    Being placed on residence probation means that any additional violations of the House Rules, Community Standards and/or Residence Agreement may result in eviction. Note that probation is not a necessary step before eviction to occur.
  3. Relocation to another community
    All charges associated with the move and rent differences will apply to the responsible resident. Current restrictions of visiting between residence buildings will apply.
  4. Eviction
    Cancellation of your current Residence Agreement due to substantial breach of the Residence Agreement. This outcome is most often accompanied by revoked visiting privileges. Evictions may be immediate.
  5. Revoked visiting privileges
    Not being allowed to apply to return or to visit a particular or all residence buildings.
  6. Future housing applications declined
    The university is under no obligation to accept a future application to live in residence at the University of Alberta.
  7. Charges and sanctions under the Code of Student Behaviour
    Possible sanctions under the code could include conduct probation, exclusion from campus, expulsion and fines or suspension from the university.
  8. Charges, fines or other sanctions under provincial health orders
    University of Alberta Protective Services is able to enforce provincial health orders.

Current COVID-19 expectations clarified for I-House residents

  • Always wear your mask
    Masks are required except when you're alone in your unit or eating or drinking in a designated area (kitchen only). You must wear your mask in the kitchen except for when you are seated and eating or drinking. Masks must be put back on immediately after you're finished eating or drinking.
  • Follow posted capacity limits in common areas
    • Lounges (max. capacity 2)
      Lounges must only be used with close contacts at this time.
    • Kitchens (max. capacity 3)
      Residents are encouraged to use kitchens with only their two close contacts.
      Creating a staggered schedule or eating in your room is recommended.
  • Guests are not allowed
    Only residents of I-House are permitted in the building at this time.

What can I do if others are not following residence expectations for COVID-19 safety?

For current updates and important information about COVID-19, regularly visit the Living in Residence During COVID-19 webpages.