Dining halls: Takeout service only

11 December 2020

Starting Sunday, December 13 the dining halls will move to takeaway only.

Lister dining hall
  • 7:30 am–8 pm weekdays
  • 9 am–9 pm weekends
PLH dining hall
  • 8 am–7 pm daily

You must take food back to your room instead of staying in the dining hall or common areas. You can only visit the dining hall in your residence.

How do I pick up my meals and what will the menu look like?
You can still visit the dining hall as many times as you like during open hours to pick up breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks from serving stations. Serving staff will put your food into takeaway containers which you can take to your room.

A variety of choices will still be available and we will continue to support any specific dietary needs.

Please dispose of food waste and containers appropriately
Takeout containers are compostable. Please dispose of food waste and packaging appropriately to keep your rooms and floors clean.

Takeout food should be consumed within 1 hour of pick up. After 1 hour, any remaining leftovers need to be discarded.