Outside guests permitted

Residence Services - 01 March 2022

Guests who do not live in residence are now permitted to visit residence buildings when hosted by a resident. Residents are also permitted to visit between residence buildings.

Residents are responsible for their guests

All guests are expected to follow the Residence Community Expectations. Residents are responsible for ensuring that their guests are informed of the expectations and behave accordingly.

Please provide your guests access to your building yourself and do not encourage them to tailgate after another resident.

Roommates are encouraged to discuss these changes and how they may impact your living situation.

What is staying the same?

Continue to follow the expectations for residents:

  • Continue to wear a mask except when in a private unit or when eating or drinking
  • Respect physical distancing guidelines of two metres wherever possible
  • Isolate as soon as you experience any symptoms of COVID-19 or receive a positive test

Thank you for keeping our community safe!