Reminder: Winter 2022 safe start extension in residence

Residence Services - 20 January 2022

Last week, the university announced plans to extend online courses until February 28. Residence Services is here to support you during the university’s extended safe start period, whether you are remaining in residence or leaving temporarily.

Residence remains open and operational

All buildings and dining halls remain open and operational, along with programming and student support services. You are more than welcome to remain in residence while the safe start extension is in place.

If you plan to leave during the remote course extension, there are steps to complete by January 31 to be eligible for rent and/or meal plan credit.

Rent and meal plan credits

If you decide to temporarily leave residence, you may be eligible to receive credit to your rent and/or meal plan.

Rent credit eligibility
A rent credit to February 27 will be available if you temporarily leave residence during the extended remote learning period.

  • Eligibility window: January 1–February 27 inclusive
  • Is credit prorated? Yes, based on your departure and return dates

Only one period of temporary departure may be claimed for a credit.

Meal plan halt and credit 
Meal plan halt and credit are available for students with 5- and 7-day meal plans who have left residence and not used their meal plans. Halts will be in place through February 27. There will be no prorations to the below periods.

Departure date Before January 1 Between January 1 and 21
Halt and credit period January 1–February 27 January 21–February 27 
Credit amount 7-day plan: $1100
5-day plan: $750
7-day plan: $750
5-day plan: $610

You may still use the dining hall if you pay the regular entry fee.

Temporarily leaving residence

If you decide to temporarily leave residence:

  1. Turn in your keys at the nearest Residence Services office or Student & Guest Services in Lister Centre. If you are already away from residence and did not return your keys, please keep them with you and do not mail them in.
  2. Complete the Extended Absence Notice in your Residence Account.

Applying for rent and meal plan credits
Starting next week, a credit request form will be emailed to students who have either delayed their return or temporarily departed residence. Only one form may be submitted.

Receiving your credits
Following your return to residence, Residence Services will begin applying credit back to your Residence Account the week of February 28. Ensure your direct deposit information is up to date in BearTracks.

Credits will first be applied to any outstanding balance on your BearTracks account, with remaining credit refunded to residents by direct deposit only. If you are a sponsored student with third party invoicing, the refund will be issued to the third party by cheque, otherwise the credit will be applied to your account.