UPDATE: Stronger provincial public health measures

08 January 2021

Original notice date December 10, 2020 
Updated January 8, 2021

The Government of Alberta has implemented stronger public health measures to protect the health system and slow the spread of COVID-19. The situation in Alberta is critical. These mandatory restrictions apply provincewide and will be in place until at least Thursday, January 21, 2021.

In this notice

Common rooms for individual use only
Indoor social gatherings are not permitted. You can study in a common area by yourself. Continue to wear your mask, respect occupancy limits and physically distance at all times. Eating is no longer permitted in common lounges.

Dining hall takeout only starts Sunday
The dining hall will continue to operate with takeout meals ONLY. You must eat your meal in your room. Eating in common rooms is not permitted at this time.

Close contacts are limited to 2 people only
You are only allowed 2 close contacts from within your residence building to visit you in your room. These 2 contacts must remain the same until the health measures end. You must wear a mask and physically distance at all times in your room.

The government does not consider a whole residence building as a household. No guests are allowed in residence, including residents from other buildings.

Mandatory masks
Masks must be worn in ALL AREAS of your residence including hallways, elevators, study areas and common rooms. Masks may ONLY be removed when you are alone in your unit.

No outdoor social gatherings
New provincial measures immediately prohibit all indoor and outdoor social gatherings. As a result, no gatherings are to be held on U of A campuses and properties.

Where can I study?
Indoor common areas in residence buildings remain open for individual quiet study. No gatherings or group study are permitted. You must wear your mask at all times.

Returning home for the holidays
Under the new health measures, university students are allowed to go home for the winter break. If you do not have a household in Alberta, you must not stay in other people’s homes while these restrictions are in place.

Residence remains open and operational over the winter break. Lots of virtual activities are planned for the many residents who are planning to remain on campus. Check out the blog What’s happening in YEG during winter break.

Supporting our residence community
Residence Services recognizes that these new public health restrictions are impactful to everyone. Let’s all keep looking out for each other, supporting one another and staying connected.

If you need additional support, never hesitate to reach out to Residence Life staff at reslife@ualberta.ca or other Support Services.