Winter 2022 Safe Start extension: Residence remains open with safety measures in place

Residence Services - 14 January 2022

The Omicron variant continues to spread in the province with an expected peak in late January early February. The university has announced plans to extend enhanced campus safety measures until February 28, 2022, including temporarily extending online courses.

Information for those residents not currently on campus will be sent next week. If you're on campus, here’s what you need to know about these changes and what to expect.

Residences remain open and operational

We expect and look forward to most students remaining in residence during this extended remote learning period. All buildings and dining halls remain open with health and safety measures in place. Your meal plan, programming, resources and support will continue through the Winter 2022 semester.

If you decide to temporarily leave residence

Should you decide to temporarily leave residence during the extended remote learning period, a rent credit to February 27 will be available for the time you are away from campus.

You will need to turn in your keys on your departure date to be eligible for the rent credit.

Please use a move out envelope for your keys and be sure to fill out the front of the envelope in full.

  1. Return your keys to your nearest Residence Services office or drop box
    • Lister: Student & Guest Services Desk in Lister Centre
    • East Campus: East Campus Residence Services Office in International House
    • Résidence Saint-Jean: Residence Services Office
  1. Follow the Extended Absence from Residence checklist. Don’t forget to lock your door and close your window before you leave!

Once you have turned in your keys, you can expect further instructions on how to apply for the rent and/or meal plan credit.

You do not need to empty your room before leaving, but you will not be eligible for a rent credit unless you turn in your key. If you need to access your room while you’re away, you may pick up a temporary key. Overnight stays will not be permitted.

Meal plan holders

If you choose to temporarily leave residence and turn in your keys, your meal plan access will be halted from January 21 to February 27 and you will be credited $750 (or $610 for five-day meal plan holders). The meal plan credit is only available for the dates indicated

If you choose to enter the dining hall during this period, you will have to pay the regular per-meal entry fee.

Your student fee account

Charges for the Winter 2022 term will automatically appear on your account on January 15. Rent and/or meal plan payments will be due as per the monthly and term rent payment schedules. Any credits and adjustments will be applied after you return to residence, when we calculate the number of days to credit.

If you are currently isolating in residence

Students who would like to temporarily leave residence and change their isolation location should contact for additional information.