Community Standards

The Residence Community values dignity, respect, safety, equity, learning and community and has developed processes to attend to student conduct that is consistent with these values.

If a student behaves contrary to the Residence Community Standards (which includes the House Rules and a set of Rights and Responsibilities), there are three processes to address the behaviour: the Residence Community Standards (Restorative Justice),the Residence Agreement (Lease), and/or the Code of Student Behaviour.

Review the Code of Student Behaviour, the Resident Conduct Guide, the Residence Agreement and the House Rules for your residence.

Restorative Justice and the Residence Community Standards

Restorative justice is a process where behavioural issues are examined by identifying the impact/harms of behaviour and creating an agreement that restores the community by addressing the harms and rebuilds trust among involved parties. In other words, there is an enhanced focus on education and community building. Individuals disrupting the community learn about the impact of their behaviour and attempt to repair the harm to the community. Also, those who are harmed by the behaviour learn to voice their needs and participate in the resolution. Those choosing to live in residence are, therefore, choosing to contribute to a positive sense of community, take responsibility for their behaviour, participate in meaningful conflict resolution, and protect the rights of other community members.

The Residence Community Standards Policy lays out expectations and processes for students to resolve their own issues by identifying the harm caused by a behaviour and creatively finding ways to repair that harm. Both the students who cause the harm and those that experience it will have a say in the outcome. Our system is designed to build community and strengthen ties between students living in residence. It also provides a mechanism for students to truly consider their behaviour, its consequences and better options. The four main objectives of the policy are:

  1. To promote behaviour that creates an environment supportive to academic study and learning among Residents and their guests.
  2. To protect Residents’ well-being and property, as well as that of the University.
  3. To encourage Residents to participate in the betterment of their community by resolving issues together in a responsible manner, with the goal of repairing harm and rebuilding the community.
  4. To foster growth, self-discipline, and accountability by helping Residents to understand how their actions and behaviours affect others so that they can make better decisions in the future.

The Residence Agreement

The University maintains its role as Landlord and can enforce the Residence Agreement (Lease) in cases where behaviours cross over into a breach of that contract.

Code of Student Behaviour

In addition, the Code of Student Behaviour applies to all students, including those living in Residence. It will be applied in cases where the behaviour is a violation of the Code and the criteria for a restorative process are not met.