Meal Plan


Lister Residence and Peter Lougheed Hall (PLH) have an all-access meal plan that provides students unlimited entries to their corresponding residence dining hall throughout the school year.

The residence dining halls offer residents a variety of nutritious options and comfort foods. You can access the dining hall as many times as you want each day and eat as much or as little as you choose during operating hours. Residents can focus on studying and adjusting to university life instead of grocery shopping, meal planning and washing dishes.

If you're not living in Lister Residence or PLH, check out the voluntary meal plan options!

2022-2023 MEAL PLAN

7-DAY ACCESS PLAN (Lister and PLH)
8-month contract: $5,211
If you are on the 7-day all-access plan, you can enter the dining hall every day of the week from the day you move in until the day you move out. This plan is intended for students who will be remaining in residence on weekends.

5-DAY ACCESS PLAN (Lister only)
8-month contract: $4,548
If you choose a 5-day plan, you can only enter the dining hall from Monday to Friday. This plan is intended for students planning on going home on weekends. Access on weekends will still be available by paying the walk-in rates.



Simply tap your ONEcard at the entrance to gain access to the dining hall in your building and help yourself to a variety of choices. You can eat as much or as little as you choose and come back as often as you wish during operating hours. Fresh food and snacks are available throughout the day with plenty of choices no matter when you visit. During meal periods, you can choose from a range of made-to-order hot meals. The dining halls are open for dine in only, students cannot leave the dining hall with food or drinks.

You can eat as much or as little as you choose and come back as often as you wish during opening hours. Fresh food and snacks are available throughout the day with plenty of choices no matter when you visit. During peak meal periods, choose from a range of made-to-order hot meals!


Residents can access the dining hall as often as they wish during opening hours. Non-residents and guests may purchase access to the dining facilities at the walk-in rates

Lister Dining Hall

Weekdays 7 am–10 pm
Weekends 9 am–10 pm

Breakfast: $12.99
Dinner: $17.99

PLH Dining Hall

Weekdays 7 am–10 pm
Weekends 9 am–10 pm

Breakfast: $11.99
Lunch: $14.49
Dinner: $16.49



Students who are unable to dine in person at the dining hall can pre-order a bagged lunch from Monday to Friday. Bagged lunches need to be ordered in advance and will be available for pickup in the dining hall the next day.

Pre-order a bagged lunch



We've got you covered. Digital screens in Lister Residence and Peter Lougheed Hall (PLH) display interactive menus complete with information about nutrition and allergens. Our menu labeling program makes it easy to find options with these attributes.




What do these menu labels mean?

Menu items that fit a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet

  • Excludes: all meat, fish, and poultry
  • Includes: eggs, milk, dairy, honey

Foods made from plant-based food items only

  • Excludes: Eggs, Honey, Milk & Dairy, and any other animal-derived ingredients

Sustainable Seafood
Seafood ingredients third-party certified as sustainably sourced Wild Seafood: Marine Stewardship Council, Ocean Wise Farmed Seafood: Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP 1,2,3, or 4 stars)

Locally Grown
Major ingredients that are grown, raised or produced in Alberta

No Gluten
Menu items that are made without gluten ingredients

Single ingredients or recipes

  • Halal certified proteins
  • Halal permitted foods
  • Excludes all Haram products
  • Third party certification available

Plant Forward
Menu items that incorporate more plant-based ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, pulses, nuts and seeds. Plant forward is not necessarily vegan or vegetarian and can include small amounts (< 2 oz.) of animal protein.

In addition, we have a registered dietitian on our team that can help you with your special dietary needs. Email with the subject "Ask a Dietitian" with your questions or book a one on one consultation.



What are the benefits of having a meal plan integrated into residence?

Lister Residence and Peter Lougheed Hall offer meal plans to ensure students receive well-rounded and nutritious meals. Save time and don’t worry about cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping!

As a key piece of residence programming, the meal plan facilitates community building and engagement opportunities and allows students to take a break from their studies and connect with their peers.

What type of food can I find in the dining hall?

From healthy options to comfort food, our dining halls have a dedicated station to satisfy all your cravings. Our stations always feature a meat and vegetarian daily special. In addition, you can always customize your plate by selecting options from our various stations.

  • Hot amd cold beverages
    Coffee, tea, juice, fountain pop, milk, hot chocolate, non-dairy beverages
  • Cereal bar
    4 varieties available daily
  • Ice cream bar
    4 flavours available daily
  • Bakery and fruits
    Fresh pastries and whole fruits
  • Toast bar
    Toast, bagels, jam, peanut butter, nutella, butter
  • Pizza station
    4 varieties featured daily
  • Omelette bar (AM)
    Build your own omelette, made to order eggs
  • Stir-fry station
    Features global cuisines
  • Entree station
    Comfort food
  • Pasta station
    Build your own pasta bowl
  • Grill station
    Satisfy all your burger and sandwich needs
  • Vegan station
    Comfort food
  • Deli
    Sandwich of the day or build your own
  • Yogurt bar (AM) / Salad bar (PM)
  • Gluten free pantry
    Cereal bar, toast station, snacks, build your own sandwich, baked good and desserts
  • No gluten ingredients
    Gluten free pasta and pizza of the day
  • Dessert station
    Assorted selection of bars, cakes and baked pastries
Wondering what delicious dishes we are serving up? Check out our daily menus in advance on CampusDish.
How do I pay for my meal plan?

Please review our payment information page for details.

Can I opt out of the meal plan?

No. Given it is a room and board program, it is not possible to opt out of the meal plan if you live in Lister Residence or Peter Lougheed Hall.

Can I purchase guest access for my friends and/or family?
Yes. If your friends or family would like to join you for a meal, they will have to purchase entry to the dining hall at the walk-in rates.
Can I cook meals in Lister Residence?

Lister Residence contains some access to kitchen facilities for students to prepare the odd meal or snack but they are not equipped for full-time cooking.

My friends outside of residence packed their own food. Can they join me in the dining hall for a meal?

No, external food is not allowed inside the dining hall. If your friends or visiting family would like to join you for a meal, they will have to purchase entry to the dining hall.

Can I take food out of the dining hall?
No, take-out food is not available and full meals cannot be taken out of the dining hall. All meals must be consumed in the dining room.
What are your health and safety measures?
We want you and our campus community to stay safe, so we've implemented strict safety protocols for people eating and working in our dining hall. We are closely monitoring guidance from Alberta Health Services and have implemented enhanced cleaning protocols to keep you safe.
Will there be a quiet study space in the dining hall?

Residents are welcome to study in the dining hall as often as they wish throughout the day, but we are asking students to stay the necessary time to dine in during peak meal times (ie: between 5-7pm).

What happens to my meal plan balance at the end of the year?
There are no refunds or balances available at the end of the year. The meal plan provides unlimited access to the dining hall during the academic year. There is no balance attached to the plans at the end of the year regardless of usage.
I’m returning to Lister as a student leader. Why do I need to have a meal plan?

There’s a significant upper-year population in Lister Residence who serve as mentors and student leaders. We want to implement a meal plan that will help first-year students adjust to university life and support the entire community. This means that everyone who lives in these residences must participate in the meal plan.

I have feedback about the meal plan!

Dining Services has a commitment to developing real-time feedback mechanisms in the dining halls through various communication channels.

TXTnTell (only available in Lister)

Submit your feedbaualberta-dining-txtntell.pngck via text

  1. Create a single text message to 55744
  2. Answer questions in the order shown
    1. Dining hall code: lister
    2. Rate the food
      1-2-3-4-5 (very poor - excellent)
    3. Rate the services
      1-2-3-4-5 (very poor - excellent)
    4. Rate cleanliness
      1-2-3-4-5 (very poor - excellent)
    5. Rate menu variety
      1-2-3-4-5 (very poor - excellent)
    6. Add any comments or suggestions
  3. Send your text

Example: lister 5555 great food and service today!

Submit your feedback online

Napkin Talk

This is a space where students and visitors can grab a napkin, give us feedback and post it on our wall anonymously. Our staff will even write a response to your feedback and post it back.

This is a great opportunity to tell us about something that you loved or maybe didn't like too much about your dining experience. We are very open to feedback and look forward to hearing from you!

Share your feedback

Contact Dining Services

  • Email
    Email us at with any questions or concerns. If you know who you are sending it to, include that in the subject line
  • Social Media
    Follow us @ualbertadining on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Bear Necessities

Craving a "taste" of home and want to see your favourite meal featured in our menus? Students can submit a recipe to be featured in our dining halls.

Submit a recipe

Food Ambassadors

Reach out to your Food Ambassadors with any questions or concerns that you may have by emailing

Please email us at with any questions or concerns about the meal plan. We remain open to suggestions on how to improve our communications.