Ascent: Residence Orientation Stream for Upper Year Students

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Ascent was implemented to get upper-year residents comfortable in your new living environment, develop peer connections and get to know the Edmonton community and campus.

Explore and develop a sense of citizenship in Edmonton and establish your new support system before classes start!

Why Ascent?

Residents moving into any of our upper year residences will get to take part in many activities with a lasting impact on your year.

Ascent is designed to help build strong residence communities—so get to know your new neighbours, catch a webinar to start the term off strong and become familiar with campus!

By participating in Ascent, you will:

  • settle into your new home bond with your community and make new friends throughout residence through activities like our Community Art Project
  • develop a personal and academic support network that is tailored to guide you through academics after first year
  • connect with helpful resources on and off-campus develop a sense of citizenship and engagement with the Edmonton community
  • and more!

View the Ascent Schedule

Residents will receive access to their specific Ascent 2022 schedule through Expedition: Connect in early August.



Expedition:Connect is a collection of information and activities offered through eClass that is available to all students in residence. It features a variety of residence-specific content and resources you can use both during and after orientation.

Expedition:Connect gives you an idea of what to expect when you move into residence and how to take advantage of the community and opportunities available to you as a resident student.

Learn about resources and services for any academic, transitional or personal issues. Expedition:Connect provides information on pre-arrival and move in/out as well as extra information on general community expectations and welcome events.

Modules in Expedition:Connect include:

  • Living in tesidence (roommates, sustainability, social events, etc)
  • Transitioning from high school to university
  • Academic life
  • Degree and career planning
  • Ways to get involved on campus

Moving in in Winter?

Don’t worry! We offer Ascent programming specifically to support students moving into residence in the Winter term. Continue to check your UAlberta email or our orientation webpages to stay up to date with our Winter 2023 residence orientation plans.

More information

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