BaseCamp: Residence Orientation Stream for First Year Students

UAlberta Basecamp
UAlberta Basecamp
As a first year student living in residence in Fall 2022, you are automatically registered in BaseCamp.


Fact about UAlberta Basecamp

Moving away from home and starting university can be a daunting mountain to climb. BaseCamp is the University of Alberta’s first year residence orientation program designed to provide new students living in residence early access to resources, experiences and learning opportunities to help them transition into university.

Meet your new neighbours during the five day orientation and get settled comfortably in your new virtual or physical community—all before classes begin!

BaseCamp kicks off Monday, August 22 and all first year residents are invited. You'll get the chance to celebrate with your new peers, win awesome prizes and learn more about your BaseCamp orientation experience!

Why BaseCamp?

Take part in a variety of activities and workshops with a lasting impact on your transition to university life.

During BaseCamp, you will:

  • settle into your new home
  • discover campus and where your classes will be
  • bond with your floormates and make new friends through group activities like our Campus Challenge
  • develop a personal and academic support network on topics such as mental wellness, allyship, and academic skills during our Choose Your Own Adventure afternoon
  • make connections with helpful resources both within and outside of the residence community
  • meet and connect with optional academic and non academic cohort communities that provide faculty specific support throughout the year
  • and more!

This is a lot to pack into the first week before school. This is why there is also continuous programming throughout the academic year to further your foundation of on-campus resources and practical life skills! Leave BaseCamp with not only the resources you need for a successful first year but a well rounded knowledge of everything campus has to offer.

After your first year, Ascent Orientation for upper-year students will take you from BaseCamp to the summit of your academic career.

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View the BaseCamp Schedule

Residents will receive access to their specific BaseCamp schedule through Expedition: Connect in early August.


Expedition: Connect is a collection of information and activities offered through eClass that is available to all students in residence. It features a variety of residence-specific content and resources you can use both during and after Orientation. Expedition: Connect gives you an idea of what to expect when you move into residence in your first year and how to take advantage of the community and opportunities available to you as a resident student. Learn about resources and services for any academic, transitional or personal issues.
Expedition: Connect provides pre-arrival information, as well as extra information on general community expectations and welcome events. This will give you a clearer idea of what to expect prior to Move In and Orientation.

Modules in Expedition:Connect include:

  • Living in Residence (Roommates, sustainability, social events, etc.)
  • Transitioning from high school to university
  • Academic life
  • Degree and career planning
  • Ways to get Involved on campus

More information

Questions about BaseCamp? Reach out to

BaseCamp is the university’s residence orientation. To learn more about other orientations across campus, visit New Student Orientation.

UAlberta BasecampUAlberta Basecamp

Moving in in Winter?

Don’t worry! We offer BaseCamp programming specifically to support students moving into residence in the Winter term. Continue to check your UAlberta email or our orientation webpages to stay up to date with our Winter 2023 residence orientation plans.