Student & Guest Services

During the academic year, the Student & Guest Services Desk, (located across from the Marina) provides many valuable services for staff, guests and especially for residents! 

The following lists will give you an idea of the services available to you at the Student & Guest Services Desk. 

The Student & Guest Services Desk CAN:

  • Accept rent payments, damage charges and internet overuse charges
  • Book the David Tuckey gym and all student accessible conference rooms
  • Add money to your ONEcard
  • Store packages for residents to pick-up
  • Keep track of Lost/Found items 

The Student & Guest Services Desk lends out (remember to have your ONEcard with you!):

  • Keys to the piano rooms
  • Spare keys
  • Things to know:
  • Most items are loaned out for one hour at a time
  • You will need your ONEcard to make a payment on your account and to leave as collateral when borrowing keys. 
  • To receive keys for the David Tuckey Gymnasium, you'll need TWO ONEcards
  • To pick up a package, you will need your package slip (from your mailbox) and your ONEcard

Things the Student & Guest Services Desk CAN'T do:

  • Make change
  • Provide trolleys/moving carts
  • Deal with room and/or roommate concerns (please visit the Residence Services office OR see your RA for help)
  • Troubleshoot your internet problems
  • Accept responsibility or sign for international packages
  • Access charge amounts on your housing account
  • Provide personal information about ANY student/guest
  • Take messages from parents