Hang out and get oriented!

January 8–16, 2021

An improv workshop with Rapidfire Theatre, a reflective journaling session and a ballet barre fitness class—this is just a snapshot of what's in store during Winter Ascent orientation.

Consisting of a variety of Welcome Home Hangouts programs and activities where you can meet other residents and attend workshops, Winter Ascent is designed to help you start your new year off on the right foot.

Although Winter Ascent is specifically targeted to support students moving into residence in the winter term, all residence students are welcome to attend!

Upcoming Events

Why attend a winter orientation?



Orientation is a great way to get settled in!

Participating in orientation will help with your transition to university. Choose from the many different orientation opportunities available to you when you arrive on campus. These programs will provide you with the opportunities to get connected with academic and wellness resources and to be a part of your new U of A community by making new friends.

Make sure to check your email and Expedition:Connect for a full schedule of events.

Find out who to talk to!

Resident Assistants, Resident Coordinators and Assignment Coordinators—finding out who to talk to and when in those first few weeks is stressful. Learn who to go to with our handy infographic.