Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology

Seminars and Brown Bags

The exchange of intellectual ideas and challenges through a seminar series is a strong asset to the development of state-of-the-art research. The Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology (REES) Seminar Series brings together some of the experts in agricultural, resource, and environmental economics, as well as the sociology of environment, food, and natural resources. We will be having regular seminars throughout the Fall and Winter semesters.

Brown Bag workshops are generally held on Thursdays from 3:30 – 4:30 pm. Seminars are generally held on Fridays from 3:30 – 5:00 pm. All seminars and lectures take place in Room 550 General Services Building.

Upcoming Workshops

November 16th, 2018 - Department Seminar, Lukas Roth, Associate Professor, Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta, “Control Rights and Corporate Sustainability Around the World"


November 22nd, 2018 - Department Seminar, Cristiana Simão Seixas, Researcher, Environmental Studies and Research Centre (NEPAM), the State University at Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil, "IPBES Regional Assessment on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in the Americas".


November 23rd, 2018 - Department Seminar, Nicholas Rivers, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Climate and Energy Policy, University of Ottawa, "The Economic Cost of Air Pollution: Evidence From Europe." 


November 30th, 2018 - Department Seminar, Dana Andersen, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics,  "Optimal Pricing of Externalities in the Context of Monopolistic Competition and Firm Heterogeneity." 

December 7th, 2018 - Department Seminar, Barry Goodwin, Professor, North Carolina State University, "Has Technology Increased Yield Risk? Evidence From the Crop Insurance Biotech Endorsement"

February 8, 2019 - Department Seminar by Bruno Nkuiya, "Resource Management with Costly Capacity Adjustment under Endogenous Risk"

March 29, 2019 - Seminar by Pierre Mérel (UC Davis),  "How big is the ‘lemons’ problem? Historical evidence from French appellation wines" (see working paper attached).

March 14, 2019 - Brown Bag by James Rude (REES, Alberta),  "The (uncertain?) Future of Canadian Supply Management in Dairy and Poultry Product: A Recent Assessment"

April 4, 2019 - Brown Bag By Peter Boxall (REES, Alberta),  " Economic Compensation for Loss of Metis Cultural Heritage: A professorial view from the consulting trenches"