Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology

France Alberta Agriculture Food Research Symposium

France–Alberta Agriculture & Food Research Symposium

September 10-11-12, 2018

(Preliminary Program – Exact schedule and locations TBA)



Day 1 (Monday, September 10, 2018) Afternoon

Campus Saint Jean: Les Promesses de la Sélection Génomique en Agriculture (“The Promises of Genomic Selection in Agriculture”)

Short intro: Pierre Yves Mocquais, (Doyen de la Faculté Saint-Jean) and Fabien Agenes (Attaché Scientifique, Consulat de France - Vancouver)

1/ Stéphane Lemarié (Chair of Econ. Department, Université Grenoble-Alpes and INRA):La Selection génomique en Agriculture: le point de vue d'un économiste ”- 60 Min.

2/ Roundtable in French with Stéphane Lemarié (INRA, senior researcher), Michael Dick (University of Alberta, Professor), Susan Novak (Alberta Agriculture, Senior researcher).


Day 2, (Tuesday, September 11, 2018, 3:00 pm): “Animal Welfare and Meat Consumption – The Social, Legal, and Agricultural Issues: Where do we stand?”

1/ General Introduction: Fabien Agenes (Scientific attaché, French Consulate – Vancouver)

2/ Background on the topics: Stan Blade (Dean of ALES)

3/ Nicolas Treich, Senior Researcher INRA, Toulouse School of Economics, France (50 min): Animal welfare and the external cost of meatfollowed by questions (50 min)

4/ Jessica Eisen, Assistant Professor, University of Alberta/Center of Animal Welfare-Harvard Law School (25 min):  “Current Legal Issues Related to Animal Rights and Welfare”

5/ 15 minutes intermission (refreshments)

6/ Round Table Discussion (45 min) : Nicolas Treich (Toulouse School of Economics, INRA), Jessica Eisen (Alberta, Faculty of Law), Prof Alan Tilbrook (University of Queensland), Tom Lynch-Staunton (Alberta Beef Producers, Canadian Cattlemen's Association), Clover Bench (AFNS, ALES)

7/ Reception


Day 3: (Wednesday, September 12, 2018) France/Alberta Agriculture Research Day:  workshops (INRA/ALES)

Introduction: Fabien Agenes (Scientific Attache Ambassade de France)/ Vic Adamowicz (Vice Dean ALES). Each presentation will be 50 minutes long.

A/ Animal Welfare from the “Animal Standpoint” (morning, starts at 8:30 am):

  • Clover Bench (AFNS-University of Alberta) “Animal Welfare: Current State of Knowledge and Experiments”
  • Prof Alan Tilbrook (University of Queensland) “TBA”

Coffee break (20 min)

B/ Recent topics in the Economics of Food and Agriculture

  • Stéphane Lemarié (INRA-Université Grenoble-Alpes) “Orphan Markets in Agriculture”
  • Henry An(REES, University of Alberta) “Hypothetical Bias, Strategic Stated Preferences and the Demand for Gene-edited Canola”

C/ The Changing Nature of Human Relationship with Food and Agriculture
Each presentation will be 50 minutes long (Afternoon, starts at 2:00pm).

Introduction: Philippe Marcoul

  • Nicolas Treich (INRA-Toulouse School of Economics) “« An economic model of the meat paradox
  • Maik Kecinski (REES, University of Alberta) “Stigma and the use of recycled water in agriculture: evidence from economic experiments

Coffee break (20 min)

  • Debra Davidson (REES, University of Alberta) “Climate Change and Urban Agriculture”



Organizers: Vic Adamowicz (ALES & REES, U of A) and Philippe Marcoul (REES, U of A).


Sponsors: French Consulate – Vancouver, Vice-president Research - University of Alberta, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.