Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology

Our People

Chair’s Office:

Boxall, Peter - Professor, Chair
Secchia, Lucia - Research and Academic Programs Manager
Ho, Elizabeth - Research and Academic Initiatives Coordinator


Adamowicz, W - Professor, Vice Dean of ALES
An, Henry - Associate Professor
Anders, Sven - Professor
Boxall, Peter - Professor, Chair of the Department of REES
Davidson, Debra - Professor
Fan, Xiaoli - Assistant Professor
Goddard, Ellen - Professor
Hallstrom, Lars- Professor, Director of the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities
Jeffrey, Scott- Professor
Kecinski, Maik- Assistant Professor
Krogman, Naomi T- Professor, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies
Luckert, Marty- Professor
Marcoul, Philippe- Associate Professor
Mohapatra, Sandeep- Associate Professor
Parkins, John- Professor
Parlee, Brenda- Associate Professor
Qiu, Feng- Associate Professor
Rude, James- Associate Professor
Swallow, Brent- Professor
Torshizi, Mohammad- Assistant Professor
Wichmann, Bruno- Associate Professor

Adjunct Professors:

Cash, Sean B 
Clare, Shari 
Griffith, Daniel A 
Harshaw, Howard
Hauer, Grant
Jones, Kevin - Assistant Professor, Executive Director of the Faculty of Extension
Smith, Elwin 
Weber, Marian  
White, William 

Professor Emeriti:

Gill, Dhara 
Lerohl, ML
Murray, Eloise
Phillips, William  
Tyrchniewicz, Edward
Veeman, MM
Veeman, TS
Bielawski, Ellen