Waiver Process Review

As the office of administrative responsibility for the waiver procedure, Insurance & Risk Assessment is conducting an institutional review of waivers. For the first phase of our review, we worked with General Counsel, the Information and Privacy Office, and a working group comprised of frequent waiver users to develop a more consistent, sustainable, and efficient process for generating waivers from updated, activity-specific templates.


What are the goals?

to develop consistent formats and language for waivers across campuses.

to update templates so they align with legal advice from General Counsel.

to collect appropriate personal information according to advice from the Information and Privacy Office.

to streamline the process for requesting waivers through our office. 

to create and publish detailed guidelines for the use of waivers.

to ensure that waivers are as tailored as possible to each specific activity.


What has changed?

  • Requests to Insurance and Risk Assessment are now submitted and tracked through a Google form and spreadsheet.
  • Guideline documents are now available to staff and students (through CCIDs):
  • Templates have been reviewed, revised, and approved with advice from General Counsel & Information and Privacy Office.
  • Retention period of signed waivers and informed consents changed from 5 to 10 years to meet legal requirements.
  • Best practices and directions for witnesses have been revised.
  • Collection of personal information and FOIPP statement has been reviewed, revised, and approved with advice from General Counsel & Information and Privacy Office.
  • Clarified policy on NOT naming third parties in the waiver. At this time, only approved/registered student groups are permitted to be named on the waiver for their events.

We aim to have the guidelines and new templates rolled out across our campuses by the end of 2018.


We need your help to ensure that your department is up to date. If your department keeps any waiver templates or forms on file to use in your office, please send them to Insurance & Risk Assessment for review along with a general summary of when and how you distribute them. If you know of someone else in your area who uses waivers, please ask them to contact Insurance & Risk Assessment. If you simply wish to be apprised of our progress and any changes that we make, please send us a message and we can add your email address to our waiver user list. 


Please contact us at insurance.risk@ualberta.ca with questions or to send us your information.


Cathy Myles, Director

Insurance & Risk Assessment

Risk Management Services