What is Covered

Covers all costs (including defence costs) for the Third Party Liability for bodily injury or property damage to others arising from the ownership, use, operation of all licensed vehicles which are owned, leased (long term lease) by the U of A

The U of A self-insures physical loss or damage to University vehicles subject to internal deductibles.  In the event of a loss, contact the Vehicle Pool (780) 492-1920:  Loss Reporting Procedure

Who is covered

Authorized U of A drivers U Drive while driving on University business

What is not Covered:

  • Non-owned automobile
  • Personal automobile (i.e. employee vehicle, volunteer's vehicle)
  • Fines, tickets
  • Vehicles operated under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs


An internal deductible may apply to a faculty, department or ancillary unit regardless of the amount of the claim.  Whether or not a deductible amount applies will be determined based on the reason(s) for loss(es) and consideration of the loss(es) as preventable or non-preventable.

NOTE:  All University owned vehicles and trailers are to be registered by the University Vehicle Pool.  Please contact (780) 492-1920 for additional information.