Fine Arts

What is covered

Covers rare books (over $1,000 per book), fine arts, collections and items of artistic value which are owned by or entrusted to (on loan to or loaned by) the U of A whilst on premises, in temporary storage or in transit.

These items MUST be reported to the Office of Insurance & Risk Assessment in order to be covered by this policy.  These items have to be specifically declared to our insurers.

What is not covered

  • Buildings, equipment and tools, furniture and fixtures
  • Wear and tear, gradual deterioration
  • Shipment by mail
  • Mysterious disappearance or unexplained loss or shortage                                                                                                  


An internal deductible may apply to a faculty, department or ancillary unit regardless of the amount of the claim.  Whether or not a deductible amount applies will be determined based on the reason(s) for the loss(es) and consideration of the loss(es) as preventable or non-preventable.