Alberta Premier's Silver Medal awarded to dentistry graduate Lindsay Orser

She is also the recipient of the Alberta Dental Association & College gold medal.

Tarwinder Rai - 09 June 2017

Dentistry graduate Lindsay Orser is the recipient of the 2017 Alberta Premier's Silver Medal, which is awarded to the student with the highest overall performance within medicine, dentistry, law and pharmacy.

"I am extremely happy to be recognized for working so hard over the past four years," says Orser. "I have always had very high expectations for myself. When I entered dental school, it became even more important for me to learn and practice as much as I could in order to be an excellent dentist for my patients. I am very honoured to receive such a prestigious award."

Orser was presented the Silver Medal during the convocation ceremony, June 9. This is the second-year in a row a dentistry student has been awarded this very prestigious medal. During the convocation luncheon celebration, Orser was also presented with the James McCutcheon Honour Award, the American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology (AAOMP) Dental Student Award and the Alberta Dental Association & College Gold Medal.

Not only did she commit herself to succeeding academically, Orser also prioritized giving back to the community and students. As a volunteer and co-chair of the Student Health Initiative for the Needs of Edmonton (SHINE), a non-profit student organized dental clinic run out of the Boyle McCauley Health Centre, Orser spent countless Saturday mornings providing free dental care to Edmonton's inner city youth.

"This was certainly one of the most rewarding experiences I was involved in throughout dental school. The SHINE clinic gave me an appreciation for the need for affordable dental care, as so many patients can't afford treatment in private practice and without SHINE, they would otherwise live with pain and infection that could become life-threatening."

As both the pre-clinical and clinical vice-president of the Dental Students' Association, Orser also felt it important to advocate on behalf of her fellow students and improve the student experience for dentistry and dental hygiene students.

"I'm going to miss the people here at the School of Dentistry the most. I've built great relationships with staff, students and professors over the years," she says. "However, I am looking forward to learning the dynamics of dentistry in private practice and enhancing my skills to provide comprehensive care for my patients. Thank you to everyone who supported me over the years."