DH graduation amid a pandemic

Valentine Bedford - 24 June 2020

The transition to online classes came very suddenly and many of us were not able to say goodbye to our classmates, friends and professors. I think we all felt a sense of regret for not taking the time we had together and using it to its fullest. The transition online was a little bumpy, but I am glad that we had such a supportive faculty that understood the changes we were going through.

It was very disappointing that we could not have an in-person ceremony, to say the least. We have all worked so hard these last few years and I definitely wanted to be able to celebrate it with my classmates and faculty in person.

When we first talked about doing a virtual celebration, I know a few of us were hesitant, but in the end, I am glad that we took the time to do it. It was a bittersweet time, but I am happy to see that our achievements did not go unrecognized.

The virtual grad toss was very special and was my favourite moment of the virtual celebration. It reminded me that I am not going through this difficult time alone. Our class is very supportive of each other and we have grown very close during our years in the Dental Hygiene program at U of A.

Right now, we are all looking forward to our postponed graduation banquet which will hopefully be happening on Nov 6, 2020!


Watch the Dental Hygiene graduation video here.