Founder of U of A Orthodontics Program passes, but Legacy gift will live on for years

Cheryl Deslaurier - 01 May 2020

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of Dr. Rowland (Bus) Haryett’s passing. Haryett was the founder of the Orthodontic Graduate Program along with co-founders Drs. Michael Pawliuk and Ronald Mullen. He started his career at the school as a sessional lecturer in 1954 and held various appointments until his retirement in the 1990s, but his presence in the profession continued long after he retired. It was his drive, knowledge, and passion that brought Haryett to develop a much-needed Orthodontic Graduate program that came to fruition in 1970.

In addition to Haryett’s passion for orthodontics, he was a connoisseur of art. He started collecting pieces in the 1970s as he says that once he started he couldn’t stop. He enjoyed it and wanted to support the artists and their work. Haryett would go as far as cancelling patients when he found out there was an art show in town just so he could go to it and buy some pieces.

Haryett donated over 200 pieces of art to the University of Alberta Hospital Foundation, one of the largest single art donations ever made to the hospital. The school received over 70 pieces to hang in our clinic for everyone to enjoy.

Along with his donation of valuable art, Haryett chose the School of Dentistry as a place to support through a generous donation. His donation will be directed to support research as this is what he wanted. Haryett was passionate about research as, throughout his academic career, he was involved in the advancement of orthodontic dental education, included conducting a landmark study of orthodontics in 53 North American dental schools which helped standardize teaching across universities. He also conducted and published research in the areas of thumb-sucking, mouth breathing, and dentofacial development.

“Much like Dr. Haryett left a legacy with the Orthodontic grad program, he is now leaving another legacy through his donated art and through his support towards research,” said Dr. Paul Major, Chair of the School of Dentistry.

Our condolences go out to Haryett’s family and friends during this difficult time.