Undergrad students can now publish their work in U of A journal

Dentistry and dental hygiene students can publish their undergraduate research in Eureka

25 February 2021

cover_issue_1920_en_us.jpgUndergraduate research students can now publish their work in the University of Alberta’s Eureka Undergraduate Science Journal – a student-founded, student-operated peer-reviewed journal.

Eureka - last published in 2014 - has been revitalized and rebranded. The first edition published this January features a special interview with resident Nobel laureate Michael Houghton.

And School of Dentistry graduate student, Daniela Roth, who is on the editorial board of the journal, is encouraging dentistry and dental hygiene students to submit their work.

“This is a great place to start for students who want to have a record of their scientific output,” says Roth. “We have so much undergraduate research in dentistry that I know students would love to have published.”

Roth says the editorial board assists students throughout the entire process and will even help them identify article concepts.

“You don’t have to submit an entire project,” says Roth, adding Eureka is always accepting submissions for original research, literature reviews, or even editorial pieces about students' experiences in science. “We are happy to brainstorm potential contributions with students, as we recognize that often projects that undergraduate students work on are part of a larger publication with their mentors. We believe that there are many ways for students to take ownership of their projects or a component to create a story.”

Eureka is a bi-annual publication. The journal is now accepting submissions for the summer issue and is also in the process of planning their first virtual research day in June. Calls for both can be found on their website.