Aesthetics Program: Neuromodulators & Fillers


Aesthetics Program

Hybrid | Earn up to 132 C.E. Credits | Tuition starting at $2,200.00 | Limited Capacity | Dentists 

Help your patients look and feel their best by expanding your skills and services with the clinical Aesthetics program.

We offer a multidisciplinary and non-industry biased approach to Neuromodulators and Fillers. 

With this program, you will:

  • Have more hands-on patient contact than any other Neuromodulators program.
  • Have a hands-on approach focused on preparing and training you to integrate aesthetics into your practice.
  • Have access to a diverse faculty of dermatologists, maxillofacial surgeons, general dentists, physicians, and the anatomy department.
  • Enjoy a non-industry biased approach that focuses on building your skills and knowledge, not selling your products.


The full aesthetics program consists of four level courses. Participants receive certification in each level upon completion. 

Neuromodulators Level 1: Applied Anatomy & Intro to Neuromodulators

Neuromodulators Level 1: Applied Anatomy & Intro to Neuromodulators

Hybrid | 16 C.E. Credits | Tuition $2,200.00 | Limited Capacity | Dentists


Level 1 will review head and neck anatomy and its relevance to: 

  • The administration and pharmacology of neuromodulators
  • Esthetic/non-esthetic therapies and procedures
Neuromodulators Level 2: Upper Face & Bruxism

Neuromodulators Level 2: Upper Face & Bruxism 

Hybrid | 24 C.E. Credits | Tuition $3,500.00 | Limited Capacity | Dentists


This level 2 course will introduce the use of neuromodulators for the superficial muscles of the upper face and bruxism treatment.

  • Level 2 in Calgary costs +$500
  • Level 2 in Las Vegas costs +$250 and is worth 18 C.E.


Neuromodulators Level 3: Advanced Neuromodulators: Mid-face & Lower Face/Neck Regions & Myofascial Pain & Dysfunction Treatment

Neuromodulators Level 3: Advanced Neuromodulators - Mid to Lower Face & Neck Regions for Myofascial Pain & Dysfunction Treatment 

Hybrid | 24 C.E. Credits | Tuition $3,500.00 | Limited Capacity | Dentists


This level 3 course will introduce advanced neuromodulator administration for mid-lower face and neck regions and the treatment of myofascial pain and dysfunction.

  • Please note Las Vegas Course has an additional cost of Materials used by participants to be billed after the course
Neuromodulator Level 4A: Facial Dermal Fillers & Neuromodulators for Deep Muscles of Mastication

Neuromodulators Level 4A: Facial Dermal Fillers & Neuromodulators for Deep Muscles of Mastication 

Hybrid | 24 C.E. Credits | Tuition $6,900.00 | Limited Capacity | Dentists 


This level 4A course will introduce basic dermal fillers and neuromodulator treatment for the deep muscles of mastication as well as hands-on patient practice.

  • Completed Level 1-3 Neuromodulator Courses
    *mandatory for Level 1 to be done via University of Alberta, no other institution is accepted* Retaking Level 1 at the UofA is a requirement if done elsewhere. Full costs apply.
  • A full year since Level 3 has been completed, and you are able to submit a portfolio of 20 cases from levels 2 and 3 including before and after photos as well as treatment planning.
Neuromodulators Level 4B-1: Deep Injections with Facial Fillers for Facial Rejuvenation

Neuromodulators Level 4B-1: Deep Injections with Facial Fillers for Facial Rejuvenation

Hybrid | 24 C.E. Credits | Tuition $8,900.00 | Limited Capacity | Dentists


This level 4B-1 course reviews advanced derma fillers and facial analysis, and hands-on injection training with chair-side guidance.

  • Completed Level 4A
  • A full year since completing Level 4A required and a portfolio of 20 cases required. Participants must register for Level 4B-2 within 6 months of completing Level 4B-1.
Neuromodulators Level 4B-2: Complete Sculpting using Catheters with Facial Fillers for Facial Rejuvenation

Neuromodulators Level 4B-2: Complete Sculpting using Catheters with Facial Fillers for Facial Rejuvenation 

Hybrid | 24 C.E. Credits | Tuition $9,500.00 | Limited Capacity | Dentists


This level 4B-2 course reviews facial analysis and provides a cadaver lab with a live demo using a cannula for face sculpting and hands-on injection of live patients.

  • Completion of Level 4B-1 no sooner than 3 months prior.
  • Full certification of Level 4B is granted once 4B-1 and 4B-2 are completed.
Neuromodulators Assistants

Neuromodulators Assistant Certification

Hybrid | 14 C.E. Credits | Tuition $500.00 | Limited Capacity | RDA


Get ready to support your healthcare team with the administration of neuromodulators.


  • Review of hand washing techniques
  • Required supplies and their uses
  • Neuromodulator reconstitution
  • Treatment plan and record
  • Photographic records 
  • Neuromodulator drawing up procedure
  • Neuromodulator treatment procedure
Learn more about our faculty
Dr. Saranjeev Lalh
Dr. Lalh received his Dental degree from University of Alberta in 1994 and his Medical degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania in 2008. He completed two years of General Surgery training followed by completion of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery program from Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh in 2001. Dr. Lalh received his Fellowship status of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada in 2002. Dr. Lalh pursued academics by becoming the Director of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Co-Director of the Dental Implant Clinics at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry from 2007-2001.
He continues to teach at the Faculty and is a Clinical Professor on staff. He founded Renew Oral & Facial Surgical Centre, a certified non-hospital surgical center in 2005. He has been appointed the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon at the internationally recognized Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine (iRSM) at the Misercordia Hospital and Covenant Health, dealing with reconstruction of patients' with head and neck cancer. He has had the opportunity to lecture extensively both nationally and internationally on various topics. His special interest topics are in using new technological advances in digital imaging for reconstructive surgical procedures, and aesthetic medicine involving neuromodulators and dermal fillers.
Dr. Neeraj Bector
bector.jpg Dr. Bector obtained his degree in Medicine at the University of Manitoba in 2000 with an undergrad degree in Microbiology and Zoology. He took his aesthetic training in Niagra Falls, Toronto and Montreal, and, in 2005, he relocated to Edmonton where he currently works as a family physician at the WestEd Medical and Esthetics Clinic. He has been a Clinical Lecturer and Instructor with the University of Alberta since 2010. Dr. Bector has a special interest in the treatment of Diabetes, chronic pain management (including migraines), body rejuvenation and facial aesthetics. Dr. Bector enjoys spending time with his 3 children, basketball, biking, hiking, cars, travelling, carpentry, gardening, swimming and yoga. He is a self-proclaimed 'foodie' who loves to cook and try new restaurants.
Dr. James Mah
mah.png Dr. James Mah is a Clinical Professor and the Program Director in Orthodontics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His academic career spans over 20 years with prior academic appointments at the University of Southern California and Harvard School of Dental Medicine. His research is focused on -3Dimensional imaging and modeling for the purposes of diagnosis, treatment planning and therapeutics as well as anthropology and forensics. He has been involved in the research and development of Cone-Beam CT scanners, -3D facial imaging devices, intra-oral scanners and CAD/CAM applications in dentistry. He obtained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree, Master of Science degree and his Certificate of Specialization in Orthodontics from the University of Alberta. He then graduated from Harvard Medical School with a Doctorate of Medical Science degree and completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Department of Orthopedics at Children's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Mah has authored numerous publications, textbooks and book chapters, and he regularly presents nationally and internationally. In addition, his work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, National Post, Men's Health, Tech TV and YouTube.
Dr. Dan Livy
I am a graduate of the University of Alberta, having completed my PhD in the Dept. of Biological Sciences in the field of Developmental Neuroanatomy. I then completed Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Health Science Centers at the University of Tennessee, Memphis and Texas A&M University. I returned to the University of Alberta to accept a position with the Stand-alone Division of Anatomy in the Faculty of Medicine. I am now an Associate Professor and Director of the Division of Anatomy.

The main focus of my research has been on brain development. This has included an examination of factors influencing axon pathway formation within the brain and how drugs of abuse affect brain and behavioural development. My current research is focused on the effect of seizure activity on the neuronal and axonal structure within the brain.

The Division of Anatomy has the responsibility of providing Anatomy instruction across the entire University of Alberta campus, so teaching is a major portion of our academic commitment. We are known for our teaching excellence and strive to maintain this level of excellence by providing high quality instructors with a passion for teaching. Our goal is to make Anatomy come alive and we do this by delivering our material in a context-appropriate manner, incorporating functional and clinical references and marrying topics in Embryology, Physiology, Histology, Neuroanatomy with Gross Anatomy.
Dr. Richard Hatfield

Dr Hatfield graduated from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa in 1994 with his medical degree. After practicing medicine in South Africa for 2 years, he moved to Canada where he established his first Family Practice. Dr. Hatfield has mentored under the direction of Clinical Professor, Dr. Jaggi Rao at the University of Alberta Hospital for advanced training in Cosmetic Procedures and Acne Management for 6 years.

Dr Hatfield currently practices family Medicine at Jabulani Health Clinic in Sherwood Park Alberta as well as Medical Director for Ethemba Health and Image Centers and Evelyn Charles in South Edmonton Commons.

Dr. Jaggi Rao

Dr. Jaggi Rao is a double board certified dermatologist (Canada and USA) and a certified cosmetic surgeon. He completed his 5 year dermatology training at the University of Alberta, followed by an accredited fellowship with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in Southern California. Dr. Rao is a full Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Rao continues to lend his expertise to various organizations. He sits on the board of directors for CAAM (Canadian Association of Aesthetics Medicine) and acts as a consultant to the government (such as the Canadian Standards Association), laser and pharmaceutical industry, and professional sports teams.
Dr. Terry Carlyle

After being born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta, Dr. Carlyle received his Degree in Dentistry from the University of Alberta in 1973.He then proceeded to open a general dentistry practice in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Being passionate for continuous learning and having interests in Orthodontics, Dr. Carlyle continued on to the University of Manitoba Graduate Orthodontic Program. There in 1977 he received his Master of Science in Oral Biology with a specialization in Orthodontics.
Dr. Reid Friesen

Dr. Reid Friesen graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta in 2014. During his dental education, he won several awards, including the Gold Medal in Dentistry for graduating first overall in his dental class as well as the Dr. Cal Waddell Western Canada Dental Society Memorial Scholarship for exhibiting the qualities of scholarship, leadership and humanity. Following dental school, Dr. Friesen practiced general dentistry for one year, providing general dental services in Edmonton. Subsequently, he embarked on his Oral Medicine Specialty training at the University of Alberta, and obtained a Masters Degree in Medical Sciences in 2018. His research focused on the referral patterns to Oral Medicine clinics in Alberta. While undergoing Oral Medicine Specialty training, Dr. Friesen had the opportunity to collaborate with multiple medical specialties, including oncology, dermatology and otolaryngology.

Dr. Friesen is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Alberta and is involved in training Oral Medicine graduate students, as well as undergraduate dental and dental hygiene students. Additionally, he is a member of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada (RCDC), the American Academy of Oral Medicine (AAOM), the Pain Society of Alberta, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Canadian Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Oral Medicine (CAOMPOM). Dr. Friesen has presented at several continuing education courses. His clinical and research interests focus on the management of patients with chronic temporomandibular joint dysfunction and early diagnosis of potentially malignant disorders.

Dr. James Yacyshyn
james-yacyshyn-299x300-1.jpg Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Dr. James Yacyshyn obtained his Bachelor of Science degree, with honours, from the University of Alberta. He then obtained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree, with Distinction, from the University of Alberta. Upon graduation, he went on to pursue and complete a Masters in Applied Science Engineering, from the University of Toronto. With a background in health technology and Informatics, Dr. Yacyshyn joined the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, as an Assistant Clinical Professor. He was appointed Director of Continuing Dental Education, and had cross appointments to the Alberta Research Council and Faculty of Medicine.
As Director of Continuing Dental Education, Dr. Yacyshyn has developed numerous educational programs for licensed Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Assistants across Alberta, nationally, and internationally. With his involvement in a number of lecture, clinical, and combined programs, unique educational opportunities have been supported on a variety of topics in Dentistry.
Additional Faculty
  • Dr. Donald Wakeham - Oral Maxilliofacial Surgeon
  • Dr. Anil Walji - Department of Anatomy
  • Dr. Pierre Lemelin - Department of Anatomy
  • Dr. Christine Webber - Department of Anatomy
  • Shelly Wakeham - Registered Nurse