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Here you can find our online program offerings as well as upcoming and past U of A CDE Webinars. This series features free webinars on a variety of topics surrounding current events in the dental community.

Our Online programs take our in-class lectures and offer them in a full online platform called E-Class. E-Class  allows us to remotely offer the program that participants can do on their own time, while maintaining the same quality of education people have come to expect. The real value here is that not only does the online platform allow us to deliver our programs, but it also allows participants to attend without giving up valuable clinic time. While the online delivery may be new for many of our participants, we know that like everyone this year we will adjust and continue to excel.

For our clinical and hands-on programs, we will be offering a hybrid approach whereby the lecture will be delivered online and the clinical portion will be delivered in-person in our facilities. This Fall we will be offering CBCT, Nitrous and Oral Sedation, Sedation Assistant Certification, Neuromodulators and more on our new platform.


Online Programs

Cone Beam CT Certification


Hybrid Online and In-Person

IV Conscious Sedation Program

Nitrous and Oral Sedation

Nitrous Sedation Only

Neuromodulators Level 1


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