Dan Romanyk, P.Eng (Alberta), PhD

Research Faculty Service Officer
Medicine and Dentistry

7-020V Katz Group Centre


About Me

Dr. Romanyk completed his BSc Mechanical Engineering degree in 2008 from the University of Alberta. He then entered into graduate studies at the University of Alberta where he obtained his PhD Mechanical Engineering in 2014. His doctoral research focused on modeling the viscoelastic behavior of the midpalatal suture during maxillary expansion treatment. Dr. Romanyk spent a little over two years as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Dentistry at the University of Alberta. Here, his research focused on the mechanical response of the periodontal ligament to applied loading as well as in vitro experimental methods in orthodontic biomechanics. He finally moved into his current role on academic staff as a Research Faculty Service Officer in August of 2016.

Dr. Romanyk is responsible for advancing his own research program as well as facilitating research and collaboration for those in the School of Dentistry looking to explore topics with a major component in the engineering sciences. He obtained his Professional Engineer status in the province of Alberta in 2017. Dr. Romanyk also spends time working as a hockey power skating and skills instructor.

Research Interests

Mechanics and simulation of dental tissues and materials:

  • Viscoelastic modeling of the periodontal ligament and suture tissue
  • Experimental investigation of periodontal ligament tissue mechanics
  • Characterization and modeling of dental restorative materials
  • Finite element analysis

Orthodontic biomechanics and appliance design:

  • In vitro measurement of 3D forces and moments generated during orthodontic treatment using full-arch, torque, and friction simulators
  • Simulation of patient response to maxillary expansion and other orthodontic treatments
  • Design, development, and evaluation of composite archwires
  • Design, development, and evaluation of maxillary expansion appliances

Webpage links

Orthodontic Biomechanics Testing and Development Group: https://sites.google.com/a/ualberta.ca/orthobiotesting/

Selected Publications

  1. Owen B, Gullion G, Heo G, Carey JP, Major PW, Romanyk DL (2017). Measurement of forces and moments around the maxillary arch for treatment of a simulated lingual incisor and high canine malocclusion using straight and mushroom archwires in fixed lingual appliances. European Journal of Orthodontics. E-Pub.
  2. Romanyk DL, Guan R, Major PW, Dennison CR (2017). Repeatability of strain magnitude and strain rate measurements in the periodontal ligament using fibre Bragg gratings: An ex vivo study in a swine model. Journal of Biomechanics. 54:117-122.
  3. Romanyk DL, Au K, Isfeld D, Heo G, Major MP, Major PW (2017). The effect of buccal-lingual slot dimension size on third-order torque response. European Journal of Orthodontics. 39:209-214.
  4. Lee D, Heo G, El-Bialy T, Carey JP, Major PW, Romanyk DL (2016). In vitro measurement of initial forces experienced by the anterior and posterior teeth during dental-anchored or skeletal-anchored en-masse retraction. Angle Orthodontist. E-Pub.
  5. Smith SL, Romanyk DL, Major PW, Ayranci C (2016). Preparation and mechanical properties of three dimensional braided composite orthodontic archwires. Journal of International Oral Health. 8:554-9.
  6. Romanyk DL, Shim C, Liu SS, Lagravere MO, Major PW, Carey JP (2016). Viscoelastic response of the midpalatal suture during maxillary expansion treatment. Orthodontic and Craniofacial Research. 19:28-35.
  7. Fathimani M, Melenka GW, Romanyk DL, Toogood RW, Heo G, Carey JP, Major PW (2015). Development of a standardized testing system for orthodontic sliding mechanics. Progress in Orthodontics. 16:14.

Link to full publication list on Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.ca/citations?user=SuzeY4AAAAAJ&hl=en