DDS Advanced Placement Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for the interview and other testing?
Interviews are designed to evaluate the applicant's suitability to the program, including ability in the English language. There is no specific preparation necessary. The pre-entry exam is designed to evaluate an applicant's dentistry skills, and asks candidates to perform a variety of preparations. If you have not performed clinical dentistry in some time, try to practice with a handpiece before attending the session.
I am a dentist and in the process of immigrating to Canada. Do I have to take the AFK Examination in order to apply to the Advanced Placement Program?
Yes. The AFK Examination is a requirement for admission to the Advanced Placement Program at the University of Alberta.
If I applied last year and was not accepted, do I need to re-submit an application?
Yes, you need to submit a new online application and application fee each year. Your application documents will need to be upload into your new application.
There is the Qualifying Program and the Advanced Placement Program. Are both programs the same?
The University of Alberta has the DDS Advanced Placement Program. Qualifying Programs may be found at other Universities across Canada. Both programs are intended for graduates of non-accredited dental programs i.e. educational programs that have not been recognized by the Commission of Dental Accreditation for Canada (CDAC) or the Commission of Dental Accreditation for the United States (CODA).
What are the reference texts to study for the AFK Examination?
For information regarding the AFK Examination, please visit the NDEB website.
What is the minimum AFK Examination grade for acceptance to the Advanced Placement Program at the University of Alberta?
All applicants are in open competition for any given year, therefore, applicants should strive for the highest grade possible. There is no minimum score set.