2022 Endowed Grants & Sponsors

The School of Dentistry Research office highly appreciates donors that provide the School of Dentistry research with reliable funding that enables research excellence and programs. We are able to attract and retain outstanding students, researchers and professors because of you.

Geoffrey and Robyn Sperber Craniofacial Biology Research Fund 

  Awardee: Dr. Daniel Graf

  Project title: A Bmp-centered approach to cranial base growth and development

Edmonton & District Dental Society Oral Health Community  Engagement Research Fund

Awardee: Pyriyanka Saluja; Supervisor: Dr. Maryam Amin

Project title: Perceived Racial Discrimination, Resilience, and Oral Health of Adolescents with Immigrant Backgrounds

Gerald Stewart Oral Radiology Fund

Awardees: Dr. Camila Pereira-Pacheco; Dr. Fabiana Tolentino De Almeida Marques

Project titles: Clinical, Radiographic and Histopathologic Diagnosis of Intraosseous Lesions of the Jaw; Diagnostic accuracy of an intraoral ultrasound to assess the periodontium

Dentistry Education Research Fund GS

Awardees: Mandeep Rainu; Supervisor: Dr. Arnaldo Perez Garcia

Titles: Clinical performance of domestic and internationally-trained dental students in an

Undergraduate Dental Program– A retrospective study.

Fund for Dentistry

Awardees: Dr. Maria Febbraio; Dr. Maryam Amin; Dr. Steven Patterson; Qayyum Wasif (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Graf)

Titles: Efficacy of an aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligand in reducing bone loss and inflammation in a mouse model of severe periodontitis  ; Healthcare utilization and costs associated with management of oral and oropharyngeal cancer in Alberta: An 8-year population-based study; The use of general anesthesia for dental treatment of children with special health care needs in Alberta, Canada  ; Are increased systemic levels of TNF𝝰 in females with Crohn’s disease sufficient to induce a shift in the oral microbiome and predispose to Periodontal Disease?

Oral Pathology Endowed Fund

Awardees: Dr. Badri Parvaneh; Dr. Pallavi Parashar; Reid Friesen

Titles: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Management of Orofacial Pain in a Multidisciplinary Clinic;   Innovative method for evaluating shrinkage and

measurement of oral pathologic soft tissue specimens ; Understanding pain modulation and brain plasticity after exercise in women with chronic temporomandibular disorders pain: A pilot randomized controlled trial

Endodontics Endowment Fund

Awardees: Dr. Yuli Broner Berlin

Titles: Characteristics of Errors in Pre-Clinical Endodontic Simulation Lab: A 3D Micro Computerized Tomography (Micro-CT) Study