Operational Committee

Manuel Lagravere Vich, Director manuel2.jpg
Manuel's primary research area includes 3D analysis, orthodontics and airway, maxillary expansion and TAD's.




Fabiana T. Almeida-Marques, Researcher

fabiana.jpgDr Fabiana Almeida-Marques is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the School of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta and also the Discipline Lead of Undergrad Oral Radiology. She teaches Oral Radiology to DDS and DH undergrad students and she delivers the Advanced Oral Radiology course to grad students of the clinical programs. Her research interests involve Advanced Imaging modalities (CBCT, MRI and Ultrasound) applied to diagnosis in Dentistry, TMJ imaging and also machine learning applied to diagnostic imaging. Currently she works on clinical trials involving the Ultrasound imaging of periodontium and TMJ.


Hollis Lai, Researcherhollis-lai.jpg
Hollis research interest is education measurement, learning sciences, technology in assessment, test development and automatic item generation.