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Maryam Sharifzadeh-Amin
Associate Professor/Pediatrics

Dr. Amin is currently researching the behavioural and social aspects of oral health to better understand the psychosocial, behavioural, community, and societal influences on the oral health of children particularly from disadvantaged populations. She has a special interest on identifying risk factors that result in adverse oral health outcomes and promotion strategies to achieve oral health equalities. Her methodological strengths are qualitative, mixed-method, and community-based research.

Shokrollah Elahi
Associate Professor/ Foundational Sciences

Dr. Elahi's research program is diverse. His research currently is focused on understanding why immune cells become unable to eliminate tumour cells and discovering novel immunotherapy approaches against cancer. His research team is also studying a rare group of HIV infected individuals who have natural protective immunity in order to develop novel vaccines and therapies against HIV. Another area of Dr. Elahi's research is focused on studying how the immune system of newborns interacts with the beneficial bacteria during the early stages of life.

Maria Febbraio
Foundational Sciences

Dr. Febbraio is studying how gum disease can contribute to the severity of heart disease, specifically the long term effects mediated by the bacteria involved. She also has a project that researches the barrier function of the mouth, how it may be compromised, and how this impacts gum disease. Dr. Febbraio has a long standing interest in a protein called CD36, and has projects delineating its role in fatty acid uptake, atherosclerosis and metabolism.

Carlos Flores-Mir
Professor/ Orthodontics

Dr. Flores-Mir's research focuses on knowledge translation research of available published evidence in orthodontics and how to translate it into clinical practice decisions. Regarding clinic treatment his efforts have been focused on management of Class II malocclusion with fixed Class II correctors. Regarding OSA he has focused his efforts on improving our understanding about how to better screen for pediatric patients at high risk of OSA.

Monica Gibson
Assistant Professor/Periodontics

Dr. Gibson is currently working on mechanisms by which DSPP (Dentin sialophosphoprotein) functions in biomineralization. She is also interested in exploring different non collagenous proteins and their role in bone biology and periodontal regeneration. In addition to bone biology research, Dr. Gibson's research also involves clinical research related to bone regeneration in periodontal issues.