Research Stories

shokrollah-elahi-main.jpgShokrollah Elahi
Awarded the Cancer Research Society Operating Grant Funding Program for the project titled "IL-16 as a novel therapeutic target in hematological cancers"

daniel-graf-4.jpg  Daniel Graf

Awarded the above grant for the project titled "Not all cartilage is the same - understanding how changes to cartilage maturation causes several clinical problems observed in KBG syndrome".

He and his collaborators were also awarded CIHR project award titled" Development of allele-specific antisense oligonucleotide therapy for Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva

daniel-graf-4.jpg Daniel Graf

He and his team were awarded a CIHR Project Grant for their project titled "Osteoarthritis as a consequence of endogenous changes to cartilage homeostasis and repair: linking cartilage differentiation to cartilage degradation".

He also received the 2022 Geoffrey and Robyn Sperber Craniofacial Biology Research Fund for his “A Bmp-centered approach to cranial base growth and development” project.

amin-adac-endow.jpg Maryam Amin

She and her team from the University of Lethbridge received a CIHR-IMHA Planning and Dissemination Grant for their project titled "Improving Access to Oral Health Care for Priority Schoolchildren and Adolescents Using a Social Entrepreneurial Model". 

40029_carlos_flores_mir-150x150.jpg Carlos Flores-mir

He and his student, Emily King were awarded the American Academy of dental sleep medicine Award for their "The Effect of Mandibular Advancement Devices on Sympathetic Nerve Activity and Markers of Cardiovascular Health in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients” project.

shokrollah-elahi-main.jpg Shokrollah Elahi

He received the CIHR Project Grant Program Award for his project titled "Erythroid progenitors and precursors impair tumour immunogenicity and promote tumour progression in breast cancer". 

40029_carlos_flores_mir-150x150.jpg  Carlos Flores-Mir

He and his team's article titled "Effectiveness of clear aligner therapy for orthodontic treatment: A systematic review" is among the  top-10 downloaded papers articles published in Orthodontics & craniofacial research & 4th downloaded paper in Orthodontics research.

Team Members: Robertson Lindsay, Harsimrat Kaur, Nathalia Carolina Fernandes Fagundes, Dan Romanyk, and Paul Major 

40029_carlos_flores_mir-150x150.jpg Carlos Flores- Mir

The article authored by him and his team members " Pharyngeal airway dimensional changes after orthodontic treatment with premolar extractions: A systematic review with meta-analysis" was awarded the 2022 David L Turpin Award for Evidence-Based Research. A recognition for highest rated systemic review published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics during the previous year.

steven-patterson.jfif Steven Patterson

The research article "Fluoridation cessation and children's dental caries: A 7-year follow-up evaluation of Grade 2 schoolchildren in Calgary and Edmonton, Canadaco-authored by him was recognized and awarded the 2022 Aubrey Sheiham Award for Distinguished Research in Dental Public Health Sciences by the Behavioral, Epidemiologic, and Health Services Research (BEHSR) scientific group of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR).