Study Abroad

SLIS students may choose to complete coursework, practicums, or other learning opportunities at international post-secondary institutions or LIS organizations as part of their MLIS program.

Studying abroad provides opportunities for SLIS students to gain new perspectives, cross-cultural skills, and invaluable experiences for personal and professional development.

Students that study abroad will be able to explore and interrogate LIS issues and trends in a global context (PLLO 2), and appreciate the functions of librarians and information specialists within a larger global societal framework (PPLO 1). Taking part in international educational work will allow students to engage with culturally and professionally diverse organizations, associations, and personnel in the field (PLLO 10). Students will apply practical skills, communicate effectively, and think critically about LIS work in various library and information environments (PLLO 3 & 5).

By studying abroad, students can:

  • Earn credits towards their MLIS degree
  • Connect with and learn from diverse peers and mentors
  • Gain new perspectives and invaluable experience
  • Apply theoretical and practical skills in diverse environments and real-world contexts
  • Learn about LIS in a global, cross-cultural context
  • Visit and explore new and interesting sites, schools, and organizations outside of Canada.