International Study Opportunities

International Practicum

SLIS students may complete a practicum (LIS 590) as part of their MLIS coursework. Practicums may be completed at a variety of library and information institutions around the world, and allow students to gain practical experience at diverse LIS organizations.

International Past and Prospective Practicum Sites

MLIS Practicum Requirements for International Placements

Provided by the University of Alberta

SLIS students may be interested in and eligible for some of the studying abroad opportunities at the University of Alberta.

Provided by Other Academic Institutions

SLIS students may be eligible to earn credits through coursework and academic experiences at or via post-secondary institutions other than the University of Alberta. Here are some examples.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Prague Summer Seminar (May - June)

In conjunction with Charles University in Prague, participants in this program will enjoy lectures and tours related to librarianship in a country that deals with a history of monarchy, empire, Communism, and the meeting of east and west. Participants experience firsthand how the democratization of the Czech Republic, formerly a communist state, has affected the accessibility of information, in both print and electronic forms.

London Summer Seminar (May - June)

This seminar offers an opportunity to gain an in-depth view of libraries and librarianship in Great Britain. Lectures and site visits will be arranged by the faculty of University College London's (UCL's) Department of Information Studies, the largest and one of the most highly ranked LIS Schools in the United Kingdom. The seminar includes tours of libraries and cultural heritage institutions in England.

Berlin Summer Seminar (May - June) The 2019 Summer Seminar has been cancelled.

This 10 day summer seminar will focus on the ways information gathering, dissemination, privacy, and security affect business. By participating in business visits, students will closely examine the juxtaposition between multinational tech companies and the entrepreneurial start-up scene. Past Berlin visits included: Deutsche Bank Innovation Lab, Microsoft Accelerator, Spoonflower, SAP and SAP's Data Space, and Chaos Computer Club. The program provides ample time for networking and serves as an excellent avenue for career exploration. The program is also in partnership with Humboldt University of Berlin.

University of Southern Mississippi - British Studies Courses

Spend a month (June - July) in the United Kingdom earning credit while learning about historic and modern British libraries, archives, and special collections on-site from distinguished British librarians, archivists, and information specialists.Students have the opportunity to accompany faculty to sites such as Oxford and Bletchley Park - and time to explore sites of interest on their own. Students and faculty will stay at the University of Westminster Marylebone Hall dorm in London, which is across the street from Madame Tussaud's and a five-minute walk from Regent's Park.

Two courses are available:

  1. LIS 580 (British Studies in Librarianship) Comparative or historical studies of library and information institutions, collections, models of service, or professional practice in the United Kingdom
  2. LIS 587 (British Studies Research) Provides the opportunity for an in-depth research paper using the resources of metropolitan London and/or the United Kingdom

In addition to participating in scheduled lectures and tours, students are required to submit book reviews and a reflective journal for LIS 580 and research paper on an approved topic for LIS 587.

University of Missouri - Library Sciences Program in Ireland & the UK

For 17 days in July, students will spend days filled with academic experiences organized and led by faculty: visiting libraries, museums, lectures, and archives. The program also builds in plenty of free time with CAPA Global Education leaders so that students can enhance their learning with cultural events and activities.

Syracuse University

GET 487/687 Global Tech: AsiaTech

This 16-day seminar in Asia will start in Hong Kong and go through Singapore, Malaysia, and end up in Thailand. This course will provide opportunities to experience first-hand how technology and information provide strategic advantages for several global enterprise corporations as well as many non-commercial organizations.

GET 487/687 Global Tech: EuroTech

This 18-day (May 19 - June 7) seminar in Europe will start in London and go through Bruges, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Geneva, Munich, Venice, Florence and end up in Rome. While being immersed in the culture of the most fascinating cities in Europe, learn how some of the largest global corporations use information to address global technology challenges.