School of Library and Information Studies

Application Procedure

Inter-faculty Combined Degree (MBA/MLIS)

Application Form

You may apply through the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) online application gateway

On the FGSR online application gateway, students applying for the MBA/MLIS combined degree should select “Business - MBA” as the department, and the MBA/MLIS as the program.

Once you have applied to the MBA/MLIS program, login information for BearTracks will be sent to you. You may check your document and admissions statuses on BearTracks.

Supporting Documentation

All required supporting documents for both programs should be submitted to the Alberta School of Business by February 1st for students not already enrolled in the MLIS program (and June 1st for students enrolled in the MLIS program). Student applications admitted to the MBA component of the program will then be forwarded to the SLIS office for admission to the MLIS component of the program. Supporting documentation required by the MBA program is listed on the Alberta School of Business Entrance Requirements page. Supporting documentation required by the MLIS program:
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Curriculum Vitae Form
  • Current Resume or CV
  • 3 Letters to Support Application (Form)
  • Original Transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended

The Admissions Committee is looking for strong indications of professional promise and the academic capability of successfully completing a graduate program. If required, the Committee may contact applicants to request clarification of questions arising from documents submitted.

Answers to most questions about supporting documentation can be found below or in the SLIS FAQ page and Alberta School of Business Entrance Requirements. If you have further inquiries, please feel free to contact SLIS or the Alberta School of Business.

Statement of Purpose

In approximately 1000 words, let us know why you are interested in pursing your MLIS, and why you are interested in studying at our School.

Curriculum Vitae Form

The Curriculum Vitae Form is required of all MLIS applicants, along with a current resume or CV (see below). Please ensure that both the form linked above and a current resume or CV which include the details of your work experience are included in your application package.

Current Resume or CV

Your current resume or CV is required for admission to the program. Information found in your CV will assist in our admissions committee's assessment of your eligibility for the combined program.

Please ensure that both the form linked above and a current resume or CV which include the details of your work experience are included in your application package.

Letters to Support Application Form

Please ensure that your 3 references send the required Letter to Support Application Forms (“Reference Letter” form) to the Alberta School of Business. This form is mandatory. A letter from your reference may be used the support the form, however, the form is the required component of your application. Please note that the MBA program normally requires a MBA-specific Letter to Support Application Form; for the purposes of the combined program and convenience of referees, please use the FGSR Letter Form in the link above only.

Academic referees are preferred; where fewer than three academic referees are available, one professional/supervisor referee is acceptable. In most cases, at least one reference will be professional. For the MBA component of the letter, your references should give the MBA Admissions Committee a picture of your managerial experience and potential as well as your ability to handle the demands of the program. Referees must forward their Letter to Support Application in a sealed envelope and should sign the back of the envelope. Electronic or faxed submissions are not acceptable.

Original Transcripts

Please submit two copies of official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended. An official transcript is one that is sent with the application package directly from the issuing college or university.

Review of Applications

As this is a dual degree program, you must be admitted into both programs by both schools (MBA and MLIS). For admissions information about the MBA portion of the application, please visit the Alberta School of Business. A complete application includes the online application form and its supporting materials for both programs.  All must be received before applications can be reviewed for admission to the combined MBA/MLIS program. Applicants are evaluated by the MBA program on a rolling basis. Once a complete application package is submitted, the Alberta School of Business conducts an interview with the candidate. Generally, one to two weeks subsequent to the interview, the applicant will receive notification of the decision.

Additional information may be found on the Alberta School of Business website. Applicants should also carefully review all current University Calendar regulations and the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Graduate Program Manual.


Students who are offered admission to the combined MBA/MLIS program may have their admission deferred to the following Fall Session if both programs are formally notified in writing before the beginning of the fall term. A $500 MBA Confirmation Deposit is required for all combined MBA/MLIS program deferrals.

The matters dealt with above are subject to continuing review. The University regulations printed in the Calendar and any other of its official publications take precedence over University regulations printed herein. The University reserves the right to alter anything described herein without notice other than through the regular processes of the University.