School of Library and Information Studies

Before You Apply


As this is a dual degree program, you must be admitted into both programs by both schools (MBA and MLIS). For admissions information about the MBA portion of the application, please visit the admissions section of the Alberta School of Business website.

Students wishing to apply for the MBA/MLIS combined degree need only complete one online application form by selecting “MBA/MLIS” as the program and “Business – MBA” as the department on the FGSR online application gateway. The application will be received by both programs. Students must satisfy the entrance requirements for both programs. Administrators of the two programs will consult regarding admission to the combined degree. There is limited enrolment and the entrance process is competitive.

During, and up to the completion of the first year of the MLIS program, students will have the option to apply to the combined MBA/MLIS program. Students in the online MLIS program are not eligible for the combined MBA/MLIS program. 

Deadlines for application to the combined MBA/MLIS program:

  • Program Start Date: Fall (September) only
  • Online Application Deadline: February 1st 
  • Supporting Documents Deadline: February 1st

All supporting documentation for both programs (MBA and MLIS) should be submitted to the Alberta School of Business. Students admitted to the MBA component of the program will then be forwarded to the SLIS office for admission to the MLIS component of the program. 

For students already admitted to and enrolled in the MLIS program, the Alberta School of Business requires a full MBA application, including application and supporting documents, by their established deadlines (April 30 for online application and June 1st for supporting documents).

Applicants are evaluated by the MBA program on a rolling basis. Once a complete application package is submitted, the Alberta School of Business conducts an interview with the candidate. Generally, one to two weeks subsequent to the interview, the applicant will receive notification of the decision. See the MBA/MLIS Application Procedure for details.

Entrance Requirements

Visit the Prospective Students section on the Alberta School of Business website for information about entrance requirements for the MBA program.

Listed below are the minimum requirements in order to be considered for admission to the MLIS program:

  • Completion of a four-year baccalaureate degree, or its academic equivalent, from an academic institution recognized by the University of Alberta (including International Equivalents)
  • A GPA of 3.0 on most 4-point grading systems or B on most letter grading systems, based on your most recent two years of full time study (or equivalent).
  • English Language Proficiency (ELP)
  • Supporting Documentation
  • Technology Proficiency

English Language Proficiency (ELP)

All applicants must demonstrate English Language Proficiency (ELP) prior to admission. This demonstration may take one of several forms:

  1. Possession of a degree or its academic equivalent from an academic institution recognized by the University of Alberta, in which the language of instruction is English.
  2. A satisfactory score on an approved English language examination.

The table below notes acceptable ELP exams recognized by SLIS, as well as the scores SLIS requires for these exams. Any one of the following examinations will suffice.





600 (paper)
100 (internet)

550 (paper)
88 (internet) with 20 in each individual skill area





7.5 (overall)
7.0 min on each test band

6.5 (overall)
5.0 min on each test band


70 (overall)
70 on each subtest

60 (overall)
60 on each subtest

PTE Academic




600 Verbal
525 Quantitative
600 Analytical


*GRE scores cannot be used as proof of ELP, however, SLIS may in some cases require that an international applicant write this test.

Technology Proficiency

The MLIS program is a technology intensive program, which prepares students for positions of responsibility across the information professions. To be able to complete the “two designated IT courses” requirement successfully, incoming MLIS students must be comfortable with the following skills prior to starting the MLIS program:

  • Comprehension of the components and operations of a personal computer;
  • Microsoft Windows file management (e.g., using the Start button, running applications programs, managing and organizing files and folders, and printing files);
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office (or similar) products, including:
  • Word processing (e.g., creating, editing, formatting, opening, saving, and printing documents, spelling and grammar checking);
  • Presentation software (e.g., preparing slides; importing images; using design templates);
  • Use of e-mail (e.g., sending, receiving, replying, forwarding, and deleting messages, as well as sending and opening file attachments); and,
  • Basic Web browsing and searching (e.g., connecting to Web sites, bookmarking Web sites, using search engines, downloading and printing files).

Students who need training in these areas may investigate appropriate courses and workshops offered by their local universities, colleges, or computer training centres. In Edmonton, examples of training centres that may offer relevant sessions include: