Fall 2018

Timetable Fall 2018 (On Campus)

(September-December) Term 1650

*Tentative Schedule - All courses subject to availability of funding, instructor, and course enrolment.


LIS 591 Publishing A1 Tami Oliphant [Reg 71598]
Room ED 107
LIS 526 Instructional Practices in Library & Information Services A1 Michael McNally
[Reg 57772] Room ED 177



LIS 503 Reference and Information Services A1 Danielle Allard [Reg 68212] Room ED 106
LIS 534 Information Architecture: Web Design for Usability (IT) A1
Brenda Reyes Ayala [Reg 57584]
Room ED 221

LIS 507 Introduction to Knowledge Management A1 Dinesh Rathi [Reg 71597] Room ED N1 128


  LIS 501 Foundations of LIS A1 Michael McNally [Reg 57472] Room ED 170
LIS 533 Database Design for Information Management (IT) A1 Brenda Reyes Ayala [Reg 57774] Room ED 106
LIS 541 LIS Services in Culturally Diverse Society X01 Danielle Allard [Reg 70358] Room ED 315
  LIS 597/697 Advanced Scholarship and Research in LIS A1 Tami Oliphant
[Reg 57506/57496] Room ED 277

LIS 502 Organization of Information A1 Ali Shiri
[Reg 57392] Room ED 106


LIS 598 Indigenous Contexts for Library and Information Studies in Canada A1 Kayla Lar-Son and Tanya Ball [Reg 67720] Room ED 113


LIS 599 Directed Study A1 [Reg. 57394]
LIS 600 ePortfolio Capping Exercise A1 [Reg. 57396] All capping projects are due March 15th (for spring convocation) or July 31st (for fall convocation). 

Offered Online:

LIS 590 Practicum Lec. 800 (Alvin Schrader) [Reg 57474]

HuCo Courses:

The Humanities Computing program in Arts offers relevant technology courses each term. Check for these HuCo courses on Beartracks, and consult with your advisor about the process for taking external courses.

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