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LIS 593 Outline

LIS 593 Archives Administration

Course Outline
Winter 2018

Instructor: Danielle Allard
Phone: 780-492-2605
Class time: 9-11:50 in 3-01 Rutherford South

Calendar Description:

Theories, practices, standards and methods used in the management of modern archives, with an historical overview and an emphasis on contemporary theory and practice.

Course Objectives:

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Identify core archival functions, concepts, and terminology
  • Identify and apply standardized principles and methods used in the professional management of archival records and archival institutions
  • Identify and discuss major issues and trends in the Canadian archival community and archival studies field
  • Understand and discuss archivists’ roles and ethical responsibilities in shaping archival collections and institutions and in the management of historical records
  • Understand and discuss the relationship of archives to society, to the communities they serve, and within the broader landscape of LAMs (Libraries, Archives, and Museums)

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Through in class discussion, activities, and assignments, students will demonstrate their knowledge of the key concepts and principles of archival practice and procedures
  • Through site visits to several Edmonton based archival institutions, students will familiarize themselves with archival spaces, functions, and collections
  • After critical examination of archival studies and related literature, students will identify and analyze major issues and trends in the archival environment through a final term research paper


History of Archives, introduction to fundamental concepts in Archival Studies, appraisal, preservation, arrangement and description, outreach and advocacy, digital archives, community and participatory archives, facility tours


Lectures, readings, in class discussions, class presentations, in class activities, guest speakers, and facility tours (e.g. City of Edmonton Archives, University of Alberta Archives)  

Course Relationships:

Pre-requisite LIS 501

Required Texts:

MacNeil, H. & Eastwood, T. (Eds). (2017). Currents of Archival Thinking (2nd Ed). Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.

[Available online through UofA libraries at]

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