School of Library and Information Studies

LIS 598 Issues in Public Library Management

Course Outline: 

Instructor: Jeff Barber

June 17, 18, 19 (2011)

Prerequisites: LIS 501, 503

Recommended pre- or co-requisites: LIS 504

Course Goal: To prepare students for positions of responsibility within public libraries. This course will build on knowledge acquired by students in LIS 501, and will be complementary to knowledge students may have gained in LIS 504 and LIS 545.

Course Objectives: 

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Describe some of the traditional responsibilities, values, and roles of public libraries in the 19th and 20th centuries, and compare those to the responsibilities, values, and roles of public libraries in the 21st century
  2. Explain the purpose of public library legislation and its implementation
  3. Describe the governance structures of municipal libraries and the various types of regional libraries in Canada, how library boards work, and how managers can work effectively with those boards 
  4. Discuss the roles of labour unions, Friends groups and volunteers within a public library
  5. Describe and discuss the competencies and leadership characterisitcs that effective public library managers possess
  6. Discuss particular issues relevant to management in public libraries. Topics may include:
    • Evidence-based practice
    • Consortia
    • Finance, capital planning, and fundraising
    • Social Inclusion and Community-led librarianship
    • Intellectual Freedom  

Possible Assignments:

  1. Attend a public library board meeting, and write up an observation log focusing on the governance context.
  2. Identify a current public library issue and write a paper that explores how it has been addressed by several libraries.
  3. Develop an evidence-based proposal to support a management action or program.
  4. Use public websites and statistical data to suggest and make a case to support a ranking of the top three public libraries in Canada.
  5. Identify an issue faced by a public library, and write a plan on how you, as a public library manager, would address that issue strategically. 

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