School of Library and Information Studies

LIS 404/518 Outline

Course Outline

(Fall 2014, 3-0-0)

Instructor: Gail de Vos
Phone: 1-780-797-3949

Calendar Description:  

Examines the history and contemporary reality of comic book publishing and readership in Canada, Great Britain, Japan, and the United States and issues related to perception of the format by educators, librarians, and readers. Focus on collection development, censorship concerns and challenges, gender issues in readership and in content, genres, and impact of the Internet.


Upon completion of the course, a student should [be able to] …..

1. Appreciate the diversity and potential of the comic book and graphic novel format.

2. Understand comic books and graphic novels as a unique medium of communication and storytelling

3. Assess the role of comic books and graphic novels in western and Japanese society and culture

4. Evaluate published works

5. Familiar with Internet resources that incorporate comic books and graphic novels

6. Prepared to select and maintain a comic book and graphic library collection in a school or public library.


Public perception of the comic book format, history of the comic book, mechanics of the format, genres and themes, the role of comic books and graphic novels in popular culture and the evolution of the form.


Course lectures, discussions, seminars.


There is no examination for this course. A 10% penalty for lateness per day will be enforced for all assignments. Students have until midnight to post their assignments on the course site on the due date. Raw scores (marks on assignments) are totalled at the end of the course and converted to University of Alberta’s letter grading scale. In addition to the following assignments, LIS 518 students will have an additional assignment worth 20% of their total mark. (80% will be comprised of the regular assignments.)

I. Virtual Seminar 


II. Read and Reacts


III. Comic Book Publishers & Annotated Bibliography 


IV. Class Participation 


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