School of Library and Information Studies

Workshops Fall 2014

LIS 598 Copyright Issues for Information Professionals


AUDIENCE: This workshop will be of interest to those dealing with copyright issues. 

DATES OFFERED: October 19, 24, 25, 2014 (13 hours);
                            Sunday 9 am-12 noon, Friday 6-9 pm, Saturday 9 am-5 pm

INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Samuel Trosow, Associate Professor, The University of Western Ontario working at the intersection of information policy, librarianship and digital media

Course Goal: This course will provide students with a basic understanding of the fundamentals of Canadian copyright law particularly as it applies in libraries and educational settings. The course will consider the historical and present context for the development of copyright policy as well as its broader societal implications.

Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Analyze the philosophical, historical and economic underpinnings of copyright policy and be able to apply these concepts to emerging policy issues.
  • Understand the Canadian Copyright Act, particularly as it relates to the work of information professionals in libraries, archives and educational settings.
  • Identify and assess recent legislative amendments to the Act and selected judicial interpretations.
  • Identify the key similarities and differences between Canadian and U.S. copyright law
  • Assess and critically evaluate the copyright advocacy and policy work within the library and educational communities.
  • Understand the interrelationships between license agreements and copyright law including collective licenses and individual vendor agreements.
  • Appreciate the broader societal implications of copyright in the digital environment including its relationship with other areas of information policy
  • Communicate effectively policy positions on copyright through written and other means.